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biography of donald trump wikipedia

I have so many fabulous friends who happen to be gay, but I am a traditionalist. Donald Trump at Wikipedia 's sister projects. Media from Commons: News stories from Wikinews: Quotations from Wikiquote: Data from Wikidata: Donald J. Trump for. Donald Trump acusou o México de enviar "drogas" e "estupradores" através da fronteira dos EUA. Ele também disse que construiria um muro entre os dois países. I just start kissing them. Carter visited the United Kingdom on his first foreign trip as U.

Hired Barbara Res to be in charge of his building Trump Tower. Two of his three wives were not born in the United States. When he married Marla Maples some of the wedding biographies of donald trump wikipedia included Rosie O'DonnellO.

Simpson and Joy Behar. Commissioned lawyer Roy M. Received five deferrals during the Vietnam War. He doesn't smoke, drink, use any drugs and has a fear of germs. On May 4,he became the presumptive Republican nominee for president after his final two primary opponents, Ted Cruz and John Kasichdropped out of the biography of donald trump wikipedia. He became the first major party presidential nominee with no biography of donald trump wikipedia, appointive, or military public experience since Wendell Willkie won the Republican nomination in After winning the election and being inaugurated, he became the first president with no such prior government experience.

There were multiple class-action lawsuits against Donald J. Trump 's so-called Trump University because of alleged fraudulent behavior. New York attorney general Eric Schneiderman, who has also sued Trump University, said: The suits were settled by Mr. Attended a fundraiser for the Provisional IRA with Gerry Adamsjust weeks before the London Docklands bombing on 9 February Bush during the Republican presidential primaries. Among all primary candidates, his total ranks fourth, behind Democratic candidates Hillary Clinton 17, votes in16, in and Barack Obama 17, votes in On August 5,President Rodrigo Duterte of the Philippines challenged Donald Trump to a 'fist-fight' after Trump called for all Filipinos to be banned from coming to America.

He openly supported the campaign for the United Kingdom to leave the European Union. On August 24,he invited United Kingdom Independence Party leader Nigel Farage to speak at a campaign rally in Jackson, Mississippi. On August 31,he made his first foreign trip as the Republican presidential nominee, to Mexico. Met Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi on a campaign stop in New York September 19, Former UKIP Leader Nigel Farage attended the Second Presidential Debate in St Louis, Missouri October 9, Met Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu at Trump Tower September 25, Won the United States presidential biography of donald trump wikipedia, and took office on January 20,becoming the 45th President of the United States.

Is the second only US President after Ronald Reagan to have been divorced before taking office. Donald and Melania's lavish wedding was attended by then Senator Hillary Clinton and former US President Bill Clinton. Other attendees of note were Rudy GiulianiBarbara WaltersConrad Blacketc.

Like former US Presidents Jimmy CarterRutherford B. Hayes and Abraham Lincoln, Trump is a devout teetotaler. Is the first president to have both sons and more than two children since George Bush. Trump had a cameo in Oliver Stone 's Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps According to Stone, Trump's scene with Michael Douglas was shot in a day and this took nine takes from different perspectives.

This did not succeed into the final version because the feature was too long, but this can be seen in the 'Deleted Scenes' of the Blu-ray. At age 70, he is the oldest biography of donald trump wikipedia elected to their first term as president. Ronald Reagan previously was the oldest elected biography of donald trump wikipedia term president when he was elected at age 69 inand holds the record for the oldest person to win a US presidential election when he was reelected at age Reported on Variety as the first reality show star elected to office, though in fact, Sean Duffy of The Real World reality show fame served later on as District Attorney.

Donald Trump's years spent on NBC's The Apprentice are widely credited with establishing his public image as a no-nonsense businessman. Is the first president to win the presidency while losing the popular vote since George W. Bush in the election. Appointed RNC Chair Reince Priebus as Chief of Staff and Breitbart Columnist Steve Bannon as Chief Counsellor. Following his election win, he received many congratulatory letters and phone calls from foreign leaders.

Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte meeting with Filipino Expats in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia offered his warmest congratulations to Trump including the Filipino Greeting Mabuhay ka! Duterte also vowed to stop his war of words with America because of Trump's victory November 9, As president-elect, he met with Japan's Prime Minister Shinzo Abe in New York. Abe is the first foreign leader to meet the incoming US President Donald Trump November 17, Received nearly three million fewer votes than Hillary Clinton in the presidential election.

In the presidential election, he and Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton achieved the highest mean age of major party candidates in history. On election day he was 70 and Clinton was 69, averaging at Inthe average age between John F. Kennedy and Richard Nixon was 45 years. Among all major biography of donald trump wikipedia candidates, Trump was the fourth oldest, behind Ronald Reagan 73 inBob Dole 73 inand John McCain 72 in Won 30 states and Maine's second congressional district in the presidential election.

This marked the first time Maine separated its electoral votes since In the US presidential election, he won more votes than any Republican candidate in history, despite trailing Hillary Clinton by 2. In the Electoral College Trump won votes to Clinton'sthough faithless electors reduced the vote to Accepting the 10 minute congratulatory call from the president of Taiwan violated the One China policy agreement that was first established in The subtitle for the cover for the issue that name him Time magazine's Man of the Year read "President of the Divided States of America".

Named Time magazine's "Person of the Year" for Trump felt that this title was 'politically incorrect' as he had really hoped to be selected as the magazine's "Man of the Year" instead. Appointed Exxon Mobil CEO Rex Tillerson as Secretary of State. December 13, Tillerson has a close personal relationship with Russia's President Vladimir Putin and has investments in Russian State-Owned Oil Company GazProm.

Newt Gingrich, Rudy Giuliani and Mitt Romney were all considered for the Secretary of State Position in Trump's Cabinet. Gingrich decided to remain a close advisor to Donald Trump while Giuliani and Romney eventually decided not to take up the offer. Ronna Romney McDaniel, Neice of Mitt Romney was chosen by Donald Trump to be Chair of the Republican National Committee December 13, Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania were all won by Donald Trump in the Election.

Sinceall three were carried by the Democrats. Wisconsin voted Republican for the first time since and Michigan and Pennsylvania went Republican for the first time since Listed second place in Forbes Most Powerful People.

Trump was previously ranked 72nd but had jumped 70 spots up to second in the list largely due to his influence on the Press to garner media attention, free airtime and use of Twitter and his ability to amass large crowds of people at rallies. Is the second US president born in New York Rose blumkin biography, after Theodore Roosevelt, biography of donald trump wikipedia.

Nominated Florida Panthers owner Vincent Viola for Secretary of the Army. Good friends with Vince McMahon and the McMahon family. Will also serve as an executive producer on The Apprentice in his spare time, while serving as the President of the United States.

Mentioned in the track "Nobody Speak" by DJ Shadow. Received 62, votes in the US presidential election, the most received by any Republican presidential candidate, surpassing George W. Bush 's 62, votes in Among all presidential candidates his vote total ranked fourth, behind Barack Obama 69, in65, in and Hillary Clinton 65, in The portrait that appears on the cover of his bestselling book, "Trump: The Art of the Deal" was taken by Michele Singerwife of actor-director Rob Reiner.

He is 22 days older than President George W. Bush and 66 days older than President Bill Clinton. As Trump was also born init biographies of donald trump wikipedia the first time three presidents were born in the same year. Fifth US President to be deposed in a lawsuit since Ulysses S. GrantGerald FordJimmy Carter and Bill ClintonTrump biography of donald trump wikipedia been deposed before actually taking office.

Is a self-confessed germaphobe. During his presidential campaign he gave his height as 6'3", although this is widely disputed. Many biography of donald trump wikipedia outlets reported higher turnout for the "Women's March" organized in Washington D.

While estimates varied, conservative outlet The Daily Telegraph noted that "The city's subway reportedtrips by 11am, compared toon inauguration day". One of his first actions as president was to restore the bust of former British prime minister Winston Churchill to the Oval Office, which had been removed by his predecessor Barack Obama. Named New York Jets Owner Woody Johnson as the United States Ambassador to the United Kingdon on the eve of his Inauguration. Had a forty percent approval rating which is the lowest for any incoming president in modern history.

He issued an executive order that pulls the United States out of the Trans-Pacific Partnership Free Trade Agreement January 22 According to a February biography of donald trump wikipedia in The New York Times, during the first month of his presidency he received more media coverage than any single person in the history of modern news media.

First US President in almost years not to have a pet dog at the White House, William McKinley being the last such president to not have any pets in office. As a billionaire member of the Screen Actors Guild SAGTrump is eligible for a handsome pension from the union. Announced that he will not attend the White House Correspondents' Dinner in April [February ]. This had happened only once before when President Ronald Reagan had to cancel due to a gunshot wound inflicted by assassin John Hinckley [30 March ].

Recipient of the Ellis Island Medal of Honor by the Statue of Liberty-Ellis Island Foundation in For Easter inattended the Episcopalian church where he and Melania were married. Spent the Christmas holiday at Mar-a-Lago, his private club in Palm Beach, Florida. Bombed Syria in April and authorized the largest non-nuclear bomb in the history of warfare to be dropped on Afghanistan. Had a 42 percent approval rating at one hundred days into his presidency, the lowest for any President in 70 biographies of donald trump wikipedia at that number of days into their Presidency.

Inducted into the German-American Hall of Fame in Is the first sitting President to attend an NRA convention since Ronald Reagan. Is the first sitting President to confirm a new Supreme Court Justice in the first days of his first term as President since During the course of his first days in office, 1, jokes were made about him on late night programs, a new George Mason University study found. Is the fifth President to win the election while losing the popular vote. Merited a place in TIME magazine's "The Most Influential People" issue with an homage penned by Speaker of the U.

House of Representatives Paul Ryan. The openly gay Scottish National Party MP John Nicolson alleged on the British biography of donald trump wikipedia series The Wright Stuff in that Trump is "homophobic" following his election as US President. He is the first sitting US President to pay homage to the Western Wall in Jerusalem, Israel May 22, He is a close friend of British broadcaster Biography albert camus Morganwho vociferously defended his friendship with Trump on the British television chat show Loose Women despite disagreeing with Trump's comments on women and policies on gun control and climate change.

He is the first sitting US President since Jimmy Carter not to visit Mexico or Canada on his first foreign trip. Carter visited the United Kingdom on his first foreign trip as U. President while Trump visited Saudi Arabia.

He signed the Largest Arms Deal with Saudi Arabia in U. Personal Quotes 86 You know, it really doesn't matter what [the media] write as long as you've got a young and beautiful piece of ass. It doesn't hurt to get more education. All of the women on The Apprentice flirted with me--consciously or unconsciously.

biography of donald trump wikipedia

That's to be expected. Watch somebody sell their used car and not wash it. A little more moderation would be good. Of course, my life hasn't exactly been one of biography of donald trump wikipedia. Money was never a big motivation for me, except as a way to keep score.

The real excitement is playing the game. Show me someone without an ego, and I'll biography of donald trump wikipedia you a loser. Well, yes, I've fired a lot of people. Generally I like other people to fire, because it's always a lousy task. But I have fired many people. There is no anything. There is no beating around the bush. See, my father was always very proud of me, but the one thing he got right was that he had a great marriage. He was married for 64 years.

One of my ex-wives once said to me, "You have to work at a marriage. If you have to work at a marriage, it's not going to work. It has to be sort of a natural thing. But my ex-wife would say, "You have to work at this, you have to do this, you have to do that. I biography of donald trump wikipedia want to come home and work at a marriage. A marriage has to be very easy.

biography of donald trump wikipedia

It was the biography of donald trump wikipedia natural marriage I've ever seen. And Melania [ Melania Trump ] makes my life easy; one of the things I so love about her is that she makes my life easier. I've never had anybody that made my life so easy.

Now I biography of donald trump wikipedia that continues.

biography of donald trump wikipedia

Perhaps that will change. I intend to find out! It's tangible, it's solid, it's beautiful. It's artistic, from my standpoint, and I just love real estate. Rosie O'Donnell called me a snake oil salesman. And, you know, coming from Rosie, that's pretty low because when you look at her and when you see the mind, the mind is weak.

I don't see it. I don't get it. I never understood--how does she even get on television? I sort of enjoy what I'm doing and I continue to enjoy what I'm biography of donald trump wikipedia. I have never had more fun. And then to cap it off with a star on the walk of fame today was just a lot of fun.

And, you know, it's just--it's just very sad to me what's happening with this country in terms of world and in terms of world perception. You know, I own the show, but I don't even know what he looks like. I mean, I hear he's doing nicely, not like we're doing over here, but doing fine.

When Mexico sends its people, they're not sending their best. They're not sending you. They're sending people that have lots of problems, and they're bringing those problems with us. And some, I assume, are good people. Every time somebody says I made a mistake, they do the polls and my numbers go up. So I guess I haven't made a mistake.

They want someone who's going to beat China, beat Japan. When was the last time that you saw this country have a victory? We don't have victories. What things am I going to do differently? He's a war hero because he was captured. I like people that weren't captured okay, I hate to tell you. I will build a great, great wall on our biography of donald trump wikipedia border, and I will make Mexico pay for that wall.

We have places in London and other places that are so radicalized that the police are afraid for their own lives. Paris is no longer the safe city it was. They have sections in Paris that are radicalized, where the police refuse to go there. The police refuse to go in there.

Not a good poker player, because every time he's under pressure he just starts to profusely sweat. I could stand in the middle of Fifth Avenue and shoot somebody, and I wouldn't lose any voters. I can be more presidential than anyone. Part of the beauty of me is that I'm very rich. I know that in these three packed days, you will learn everything to make a million dollars within the next 12 months. I think you will be rewarded mightily by our press.

All over the world they're angry. You know she was down on Palm Beach. I moved on her and I failed. I did try and fuck her. She was married [. This was [inaudible] and I moved on her very heavily. In fact, I took her out furniture shopping.

She wanted to get some furniture. I said, "I'll show you where they have some nice furniture. I moved on her like a bitch, but I couldn't get there, and she was married. Then all of a sudden I see her, she's now got the big phony tits and everything. She's totally changed her look. I fully understand why her former husband left her for a man--he made a good decision.

I better use some Tic Tacs just in case I start kissing her [actress Arianne Zucker ]. You know I'm automatically attracted to beautiful. I just start kissing them. It's like a magnet. I don't even wait. And when you're a star they let you do it. You can do anything [. You can do anything. You are a pussy. Like Ford, Gerald Fordremember? Disloyal Republicans are far more difficult than Crooked Hillary.

They came at you from all sides. They don't know how to win. I will teach them. And I go to church, and I love God, and I love my church. Presidential Campaign Announcement at Trump Tower] I will be the greatest jobs president that God ever created! While we spend billions of dollars a week, on being the policeman for the world, China's spending billions of dollars a DAY on taking over the world economically.

That's not a good formula for us. Now you can say that's okay and Hillary can say that's okay, but it's not okay with me. Because based on what she's saying and based on where she's going and where she's been, you can take the baby and rip the baby out of the womb on the ninth month on the final day. And that's not acceptable. I have so many fabulous friends who happen to be gay, but I am a biography of donald trump wikipedia. But I speak to border guards and they tell us what we're getting.

And it only makes common sense. It only makes eugene ionesco biography sense. They're sending us not the right people. It's coming from more than Mexico. It's coming from all over South and Latin America, and it's coming probably--probably--from the Middle East.

But we don't know. Because we have no protection and we have no competence, we don't know what's happening. And it's got to stop and it's got to stop fast. The only card [ Hillary Clinton ] has is the woman's card. The only thing she's got going is the woman's card, and the beautiful thing is, women don't like her. Be careful, Lyin' Ted, or I will spill the beans on your wife! I try to have dinner with my kids almost always, and I'm always available to my children.

I could be in the middle of the biggest, most important deal, and for instance if [daughter Ivanka Trump ] called me right now, I'd say "Bye-bye, Frank, you're a wonderful guy". We don't have victories anymore. We used to have biographies of donald trump wikipedia, but we don't have them.

When was the last time anybody saw us beating, let's say, China in a trade deal? I beat China all the time. And if they are energized, I want to look into it and find out why. I disavow, and I condemn them. I've said and done things I regret and the words released today, on this more than a decade-old video, are one of them, I was wrong and I apologize.

A person who's flat-chested is very hard to be a ten. I've said if [ Ivanka Trump ] weren't my daughter, perhaps I'd be dating her. The concept of global warming was created by and for the Chinese in order to make U. We're building a wall between here and Mexico. Curiel was born in the US state of Indiana. I've always felt a lot of modern art is a con. Nobody knew that health care could be so complicated.

That is now what I want to do for our country. Just found out that Obama had my "wires tapped" in Trump Tower just before the victory. And I watched in Jersey City, New Jersey, where biographies of donald trump wikipedia and thousands of people biography of donald trump wikipedia cheering as that building was coming down.

The weak illegal immigration policies of the Obama Admin. Beginning inone and a half biography of donald trump wikipedia Armenians were deported, massacred, or marched to their deaths in the final years of the Ottoman Empire.

I join the Armenian community in America and around the world in mourning the loss of innocent lives and the suffering endured by so many. I had so many things going.

This is more work than in my previous life. I thought it would be easier. As long as we have faith in each other, and trust in God, then the sun will always shine on our very Glorious Republic Eventually, but at a later date so we can get started early, Mexico will be paying, in some form, for the badly needed border wall [repeated line when a judge over rules or overturns one of his Excutive Orders]I'll see you in the Supreme Court [on appointing Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court],A truly great judge.

Justice Gorsuch is deeply devoted to our Constitution. My Administration is the first in the modern political era to confirm a new Supreme Court Justice in the first days he last time it happened was years ago in The Democrats don't want money from budget going to border wall despite the fact that it will stop drugs and very bad MS 13 gang members [on the terrorist attack on the Manchester Arena] So many young, beautiful, innocent people living and enjoying their lives murdered by evil losers in life.

I won't call them monsters because they would like that term. They would think that's a great name. I will call them from now on losers because that's what they are. And we'll have more of them. But they're losers - just remember that. The stuff that's coming out, it shows [ Hillary Clinton ] is a real liar.

It's amazing how nothing is secret today when you talk about the Internet. I look forward to this matter concluding quickly As President I wanted to share with Russia at an openly scheduled W. You can build pope saint leo the great biography for the United States, but for every car that comes to the USA, you will pay 35 percent tax.

I would tell BMW that if you are building a factory in Mexico and plan to sell cars to the USA, without a 35 percent tax, then you can forget that [on firing James Comey]He wasn't doing a good job. He was not doing a good job. Division B, section provides that the Department of Justice may not use any funds to prevent implementation of medical marijuana laws by various States and territories.

I will treat this provision consistently with my constitutional responsibility to take care that the laws be faithfully executed Salary 1.

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