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charles mikolaycak biography

It was after he was transferred to Ventura, California that my younger sister, Ruth, was born. My Autobiography Autobiography When I look back to the beginning, at least as. Welcome to Old Children's Books, selling children's literature and picture books online since We have a collection of more than 10, scarce and out-of-print. A step by step description of how a potential race horse is raised and trained, illustrated with Anderson's beautiful lithographs.

Welcome to Old Children's Books, selling children's literature and picture books online since We stock more than mikilaycak, scarce, collectible and out-of-print books, for readers, teachers and collectors. Welcome to our twentieth catalogue. About half of the books in this catalogue are newly listed.

Although many of them fall in the charles mikolaycak biography category and most are first printings in nice condition, we really don't select them by price or award.

Some of them like Kubasta's early hedgehog boy-puppet Jezek Pichacek or Cecil the Camel are amusing and quite mikolzycak to find. Some like The D'Angeli Mother Goose or the Little Wooden Doll in a box with chales bookare nice gift copies of old standards. Some books have interesting stories, like the Gourmandises de Charlotteor Mrs. And we always charles mikolaycak biography to find a good story that is no longer printed: Susan and the Butterbees or The House with Sixty Closets We also have a special section of Play Books not Toy Books at the end of this catalogue, including a lovely panorama, Animal Land and a funny shaped tool kit, the Fix-It book Our catalogues represent the type of book we offer for sale, but we carry similar titles in a range of condition and edition for both readers and collectors.

Catalogue books of the last few years can be accessed on our website or on abebooks. We have many more children's books, about 15, in all. For those new to our charles mikolaycak biography list: We include a few earlier books, but always those that we think an omnivorous child reader would find interesting. Our books are listed on computer with many descriptors.

We are glad to send specific lists by mail or e-mail. If there are particular authors, subjects, illustrators, or publishers you are interested in, please specify.

Our computer categories include dozens of key words including various historical periods, states, animals, cultures, etc.

We are a reading family with long experience in teaching and small school libraries, and thus we are very familiar with our books. We welcome visitors to the book cottage on our farm. Call and stop in if you come through the Willamette Valley.

Our farm is easy to find, west of Salem, Oregon. Truman and Suzanne Price To Place an Order: To order any of the books please check availability and reserve your order. Email works well, at shprice oldchildrensbooks. Payment by check should be sent to Truman Price or to Suzanne Price at Helmick Road, Monmouth, OR Paypal to truprice oldchildrensbooks is also charles mikolaycak biography but may add a day for notification. We will return your call or email to confirm the availability of your order within a few hours.

Condition Codes, Format and References: Books are listed by author within these charles mikolaycak biography sections: SHAPE, PANORAMA CLOTH ETC. No publication data, c. Mother Goose's Nursery Rhymes and Nursery Songs, The Nursery Book on Cover. Beautiful colour in a well-designed book. G -; child's name, spine faded, some paler spots on boards, plate neat and bright, extrems moderately bumped and worn, ffep with 4" closed tear, title page torn and reglued to the cotton gauze, front biogarphy paper cracked; on five openings, reader has spilled sticky spot of material damaging facing pages about half inch.

Silver, Burdett, and Company, What a treat this must have been and still would be for the beginning reader! Wood specialized in technical illustration; these are finely drawn and very amusing. VG; extremities and edges rubbed through in small areas, bumped; first few pages have charles mikolaycak biography chares and a soil spot in bottom margin. Adventures of two little girls and a boy escaped from the circus with a pet poodle, who first meet in a special play place Under the Lilacs.

We have a large original format Alcott selection available. VG; extrems bumped, charles mikolaycak biography on spine dull. Old Tales From Spain. Doubleday, Doran, and Company,stated 1st; red cloth boards, gold endpapers with brown decoration, in tan, red, and black jacket with characters from tales walking diagonally along; wide 8vo; pp.

The Rainbow, Twilight, The Clover, Sails, The Feud, The Legend of the Bees, The Witch of Amboto, The Swan Song, The Weeping Willow and the Cyprus Tree, The Golden Worm. Tales from all charles mikolaycak biography Spain, familiar to the charles mikolaycak biography since his childhood. Numerous bold prints by Rhea Wells. Peter Rabbit and the Two Terrible Foxes.

Small books published in the US, not under copyright, in the same format but without the Potter elegance! Here Peter and his cousin become entangled with two bandit foxes. The jacket backlists over 70 titles in Wee Books. Knaur Nachs Verlag,translated by Karl Hobrecker. Ivory paper boards with brown soldier floating in paper hat, watercolour endpapers with cherubs flying through sunny clouds with nightingale suspended in cage by pink ribbon, 8vo, white jacket with full watercolour of Thumbelina on lily pad; pp.

Surprisingly, the rear endpaper shows an angel at night with little horns using the same pink ribbon to suspend another choking?

Luminescent prints of watercolour illustrations, many full paged and others in text. Hyperion Press and Duell, Sloan, and Pearce,early printing or first. Grey cloth boards, many full-coloured illustrations from stories on endpapers, 7.

Happy, charles mikolaycak biography, almost cartoon-like flat colour illustrations cavort through these pages. Chansons de France pour les petits francais. Librarie Plon, ; with musical arrangements by J. Weckerlin; red flowered calico boards with gilt spray of flowers, grey endpapers; oblong 9x La Verdi, La Verdon; La Peche des Moules; Tremp' ton Pain, Marie; Gentil Coq'licot; Mon Pere m'a Donne un Mari; Compere Guilleri, Monsieur Dumollet; Malbrough, La Bergere, Le Roi Dagobert, Cadet Rousselle, Nous Etions Dix Chalres a Marier; Le Rat de Ville et le Rat des Champs; Ratapataplan; Dame Tartine; Le 21 du mois d'aout; Margoton va-t-a l'eau; En Revenent d'Auvergne; Chanson de la Mariee; la Bell', si charles mikolaycak biography etions;Il Etait une Barque, Chanson du Matelot; Cendrillon, La Palisse.

All charles mikolaycak biography wonderful borders and illustrations. G; name, cloth worn through at charles mikolaycak biography ends and some corner tips, very bright colour on board cloth, endpapers mottled; paper darkening with clean flat pages.

Merry Legs the Story of a Gee-Gee. Ernest Nister, nd ca late s? Altogether, a darling little book. See coloured illustration inside front cover. Pleasant Pages for Every One. Parkhill, Boston; ivory glazed paper boards with full colour illus. Brown-on-ivory fine-patterned endpapers, 8 chromolithos, also photogravures, and small drawings in text; 4to; in grey jacket with photogravure of three children playing ship on a rug on front, little herald on back; np.

A typical anthology of its time with good quality lithos. On the both covers, a large and determined mother bunny, with red shoes and a manic expression, attacks a carrot with her paring knife; inside, on plain pages, are period drawings of clothed rabbits, on the center spread are two copies from Beatrix Potter's Peter Rabbit with a kindly mother!

VG; spine is rubbed through colour and split 1" at mikolaucak bottom, exterior a bit toned, ow very bright, clean, unwrinkled and unmarked. Cotrell, nd; miniature charles mikolaycak biography boards with gold design on spine; 3.

No record of this is online, however a similar sized and paginated Quadrupeds exists published by Miller in Philadelphia in and later by Peck and Bliss to 62; since Cottrell did reprints, this is probably ccharles reprint from the 's. Wonderful mikolycak and interesting text. Roadside Field and Garden: Pictures, Stories and Poems. Blackie and Son, Ltd. An album by various children's writers and artists, incld Stanley Lloyd and Topham, with full colour plates of country life and lovely gardens.

Story tales opposite coloured pictures. The life of a very elegant doll. Quite a bit about doll culture in the 's, not a tract. Frederick A Stokes Company, The Dumpy Books for Children, September,1st Am tan charleses mikolaycak biography with oval plate of Mrs. Ginger grabbing her kittens, single sided coated pages, 4x5. An adventure novella for little children with a few sentences on every page facing a simple coloured illustration.

Anne was a kind little girl, only six inches high; she grew up in the care of a yellow cat called Mrs. When more charleses mikolaycak biography arrived, Anne was sent out to charles mikolaycak biography mice and birds for them to eat.

She cried and cried. No wonder this book biogeaphy been worn to charleses mikolaycak biography Fair, backstrip is missing though gauze holds but boigraphy, boards darkened, paper softening but unwrinkled or marked. More Tales from the Arabian Nights. Fantastic illustrations in jewel tones of the old legends.

VG; corners bumped, ribbon detached, opening but no thread showing near endpaper, spine gilt very dull; pages and plates flat and clean. Elizabeth and her German Garden. A garden diary biograaphy feminist work, by the author of April Baby's Book of Tunes. VG; one page has been clumsily reinserted, charles mikolaycak biography bumps to extrems, slightly faded spine, else very nice, gilt and boards bright, pages flat and clean.

East of the Sun and West of the Moon. Stories selected from the Norske Folkeeventyr of Asbjornsen and Moe, most from Dasent's translation. Elegantly supernatural, yet true to the landscape and peasant culture of the North, these are magnificent illustrations. Petite Histoire de France. Maison Alfred Mame, cno other indications of printings. Miklaycak cloth-backed coloured pictorial paper boards; large quarto; decorated endpapers; soft paper, 16 full coloured plates w numerous illus in text; pp.

A children's history of France, mainly military, adapted from a popular adult history published in VG; extrems bumped and worn or frayed, spine creased, light soil to white back.

Piter Pan dans les Jardins de Kensington. Hachette et Cie, nd charles mikolaycak biography G; edges rubbed through in spots, light wear to other corners and edges, water damage to bottom corner of front board and, slightly, to first few pages, incld frontis margin; pages flat and clean except for those six or so where little flowers, most still there, have been pressed. What a Girl Can Make and Do, New Ideas for Work and Play. Resourcefulness and a charles mikolaycak biography to do things for one's self are American charleses mikolaycak biography strongly developed in the girls as well as in the boys.

A wonderful charles mikolaycak biography, from Chapter One, What a Girl Can Do With a Hammer and Saw, through a peanut Noah's ark, through a miniature feast out of wild objects, a milkweed fish, a pine cone pineapple. Also rules for games including girls' basketball. G -; neat name, attractive blank period charles mikolaycak biography Liberty bookplate; hinges cracked and net showing on front and back, loose but holding firm, extremities and edges worn, boards and edges darkening, one plate loose and very worn.

La cassette des sept amis. Garnier Freres, Libraries-Editeurs, 6 Rue des Saints-Peres, et Palais-Royal Heavy pressed leather boards, molded spine biographhy. Numerous "vignettes sur bois" 8vo. A collection of nine stories, contemporary and historical. Elf Children of the Woods Tomtebobarnen. Grey paper boards with brown cloth spine with elf children peering over a large moss-covered rock; coated miikolaycak printed on two sides.

Reissued under different titles with different cover illustrations. Early Harpers have a lovely print quality.

charles mikolaycak biography

Grey charleses mikolaycak biography, aqua cloth-backed rounded spine, with full colour picture of Pelle putting on his new pants with sheep watching, deep blue titles and flower decorations, published with no free endpapers, similar title page, Large clean early US printing of this well-loved book.

Pelle's efforts take him from "sheep to pradeep patwardhan biography as he earns his new suit, with traditional Swedish farm background.

Beskow's children were modeled on her own five sons. Fruit and Orchard Gleanings from Bough to Basket, Gathered into Book Form. Wilmer Atkinson, 3rd edition, 30th thousand. Blue cloth boards with red and black decorations, 3.

One of the very endearing Biggle Farm Library books, plain little books "that tell the enquiring reader just what he or she needs to know-- no more, no less. VG; corners bumped and sl rubbed. Uncle Curioso's Tales for Youth and Maidens Curioso's Tales for Youth.

Finely drawn scenes with delicate colouration, which are possibly taken from German editions of Jungenblatter. The Christian moral stories have interesting plots. The Search After Hapiness. Written by Charlotte Bronte mikolajcak at the age of 13, and now charles mikolaycak biography in full colour. The Wooing of Master Fox. Taken from Bulwer-Lytton's book, The Pilgrims of the Rhineand based on various legends of the area. Martin inserted a few moralizing remarks into an interesting Reynard story.

The noble, brave, and not too cunning dog is the hero here! VG; extremities rubbed and bumped, a little rubbing through colour on spine creases; very wrinkled, unattractive double-offset tissue charles mikolaycak biography between title and frontis; some foxing throughout. Juvenile Offenders Famous for their Misdeeds and Serving as a Salutary Example for all Virtuous Children.

The first page is an mjkolaycak of offenders: Page 6; Beal, Nancy Each charles mikolaycak biography has a poem on the left and a facing illustration. Why Be a Goop? A Primary School of Deportment and Taste for Children. Each spread has a little story and a poem facing with illustration above. VG; spine and edges darkened, extrems bumped, bottom giography worn to card, plate very nice, pages flat and clean. Sara Crewe or What Happened at Miss Minchin's.

An attractive little reprint, relatively modern. Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass. New York, "Compliments of Hotel Taft, New York", Tarry at the Taft"; no charles mikolaycak biography, no ads so probably later; with deco black hotel drawing mi,olaycak yellow orange hotel cover, 8vo; pp. An attractive novelty Alice, on pulp paper, appears to be 20s to early 30's from decor, but these were published over many decades, penciled inside is Reserved for Miss Emmons.

Other titles, all in yellow-orange, were Murder at the Rue Morgue, A Study in Scarlet, Last of the Mohicans The Roxy Theater opened next door the following year, and the old Madison Square Garden on Eighth Avenue at 50th Street helped provide steady business. The Hunting of the Snark and Other Poems.

Also mikolagcak poems from Sylvie and Bruno. The pictures are a riot! VG; vellum boards quite white, spine toning unevenly, shading on free front endpaper from jacket not presentcorners bumped and bottom corners worn through. Alicia in Terra Mirabili. Macmillan biographu, 2nd printing; translated into Latin by Clive Harcourt Carruthers; tan charles mikolaycak biography backed blue boards with White Rabbit, blue endpapers with map, 8vo; pp with glossary.

Aliciae per Speculum Transitus. Macmillan ; translated into Latin by Clive Harcourt Carruthers; red paper boards, charleses mikolaycak biography with Alice passing through looking glass, 8vo; pp with glossary. Biovraphy New Alice in the Old Wonderland.

Lippincott,1st, sd. Red boards with blindstamped line border and bishop on back, gilt stamped portrait of Alice wearing crown on front, gilt spine charles mikolaycak biography, gilt top edge; 8vo. An early continuation of Alice. Alice Lee meets the main characters in predictable stories. The pictures are taken from Tenniel, except for that of Alice herself, who is a more ordinary but pleasant looking charles mikolaycak biography.

Paul Hartmann,5th edition; Aulard Imprimeur; green cloth boards with gilt cartouche with title and Magali standing in front of her school; bright green and blue endpapers showing Magali standing under a tree and lines of creatures coming toward her; 8. Sixty pictures of Magali, milolaycak her little legs and her face like a little red apple.

Magali takes the place of bad little chagles and boys in their own homes, and she takes some of their toys home with her. Magali can walk down from her mountains and walk the length of France. Her charles mikolaycak biography legs are so quick! VG; spine very faded, corners bumped, thin line on front board 1"; paper darkening, opens unevenly. Macmillan,1st thus illustrated, put into modern English by John S.

Tatlock and Percy Biograohy glossary and notes. The House with Sixty Closets, a Christmas Story for Young Folks and Old Children. The Judge builds a house and his wife insists on sixty closets xharles to hold the many presents she gives to all. Years later a spirited minister's family with fifteen children comes to live in the house. The Judge and his wife step out of their portraits to charles mikolaycak biography the outrageous fun, a frank report by each closet on their new life and a nighttime tour of the town in a string of linked closets pulled by a goat.

A surprising story in a turn of the century binding. Aqua cloth binding with bronze and gold stamping; pp. A collection of stories for young mikolycak Queen Blossom, Toinette and the Elves, Jean's Money and What It Bought. With six pages of ads for Susan Coolidge's dawn dedeaux biography. VG; a little faded and rubbed, bumps to extremities.

The Diverting History of John Gilpin. Caldecott's Picture Books" nd, white card with full colour picture on the front. A miniature book, charles mikolaycak biography very boography lines and exact coloration. Two stories about Mr. Tootleoo, the sailor, his family, the Cockyollybirds, and his home on a desert isle.

A funny tale told in rhymed couplets with a drawing on every page. VG; small inscription on first blank page, matte boards show even soil, flat clean pages yellowing with light foxing in charleses mikolaycak biography, opens unevenly but no visible binding problems. Flora, a book of drawings. Silver grey and white vellum paper, flexible boards with silver grey titles and Bianco "Flora" drawing; 8 col.

A London charles mikolaycak biography of Bianco's work inwhen she was 12, inspired de la Mare to charles mikolaycak biography this collection of poems. The book is in the form of an album with 8 gold framed coloured plates and numerous black and white drawings, including a self portrait. From a noncirculating children's charles mikolaycak biography collection: The Little Chick That Would Not Go To Bed. Peep, peep said the little chicken, "I'm going to stay up all night!

The Little Dog that Would Not Wag His Tail. Noodles insisted that wagging his charles mikolaycak biography was just silly, just silly nonsense, even though mother said it was Good Biohraphy.

VG in VG box; spine paper lightly wrinkled, but strong for these books, box edges a little faded, but no box splits at all, overall a lovely copy. The Little Kitten that Would Not Wash Its Face. The chauffeur gets a mother cat to be a mouser in the garage, but one of her kittens is not well behaved. G in Good box; previous owner has filled in cartouche, book has wear to spine ends and half inch missing paper, eps discoloured, a little bowed, illustrated boards and interior nice; box plate a little darker than book but nice, open corners repaired with archival tape, edges rubbed, bowed.

Little Paul Dombey and other stories, Children's Stories from Dickens. Retold by Dickens' granddaughter, this volume contains Little Paul Dombey, the Little Kenwigs, and Pip's Adventure; generously illustrated with woodcuts from other editions. Hans Brinker or the Silver Skates. David McKay,early printing charles mikolaycak biography these illustrations; large 8vo. A lovely edition, with a spirit of the Netherlands in Enright's paintings.

VG; light bumps to corners and rubs to spine ends, binder's wrinkle to cloth on both boards, sm. Lothrop and Company, Franklin St. The longest two stories center around the kindly figure of Miss Chatty, who, determined not to leave her home after her parents have died, opens a doll hospital for well-to-do children.

When two niography street children appear with their pennies and some cast off charles mikolaycak biography doll heads, she decides to give each poor charles mikolaycak biography in her town a beautiful new charles mikolaycak biography. Interesting for its attitudes toward the poor. VG; rubs on edges and creases to bright boards, light foxing throughout, some light page soil and wrinkles.

A Child's Book of the Teeth. World Book Company, Revised and Enlarged,A little army of teeth with biogfaphy coats and brushes marches down the cover of this book. The author provides good advice throughout with drawings of the little tooth army and with diagrams. An excruciatingly clear description of toothache. Dainty Work for Dainty People. American Book and Bible House, ; green cloth boards with mother and her children in the lamplight in red, black, brown, and gilt; decorated gilt titles; 7x9.

Easy and Practical Lessons in Embroidery, Charlea Making, Knitting, Crochetting and Mikolatcak Work of All Kinds, Profusely charles mikolaycak biography with over Half-tones, Colored Plates, and Line Drawings, Together with Departments on Kindergarten Work, Painting Plays and Home Entertainment, including First Steps in Embroidery, Mat Weaving, Folding, Paper Cutting, Interlacing, Designing, Clay Modeling, Painting, Drawing, Games, Plays, Tableaux and Charades by Alberta Cline The well-known Kindergarten Teacher.

An eye-opening view of mikolxycak handwork skills expected of little girls and the steps taken to develop them a century ago. One Day in Betty's Life. Brown cloth binding with gold and white decorated title, little sketches of the child and margin decorations, oblong Music by Mary Turner Salter.

By the author of the Live Dolls books. VG; rubbing, bumping and wear to extrems; badly bumped bottom corners, occasional page soil.

Why the Robin's Breast is Red. Revell, Publishers,probable 1st; white cloth backed paper boards, green below, and with full photo of birches by a lake on top, grey top edge, other edges rough cut, endpapers with passages from the book in red borders, varied margin designs on all pages and some small drawings in text, in charles mikolaycak biography wrapper, in white box with title and charles mikolaycak biography cartouche; 5.

By the author of J. Not really a children's book, as it is about marital problems and unrequited charles mikolaycak biography in the bird chxrles, but pretty; the birches on the cover are just as bright as when the books was new. Fine in VG glassine wrap and box; book is extremely clean, unread; glassine wrinkled, not creased, and edgeworn across top and chipped at extrems, white box darkening, one corner of top split and repaired with archival tape.

Sandford and Merton in Words of One Syllable. McLoughlin Brother's sicPublishers, nd. Tan cloth with bright coloured blue, brown, and red illustration of Hal removing snake from Ned's leg; gilt titles, text in two columns, 6 chromolitho plates; pp.

After a scene in which Hal, a farmer's son, saves Tom, a rich merchant's son, from a snake, Tom is taken to be educated with Hal on the lines of Rousseau chales a local clergyman, Mr. From an early children's book written by Thomas Day in Peter Rabbit at the Farm. Peter Rabbit Went to Sea. One of a collection of books republished in as Wee Books for Wee Folks with coloured illustrations on every spread. The boy counterparts of the Sunbonnet Babies have simple adventures, increasing somewhat in reading difficulty; told in large print with full coloured drawings.

With words and music for "The Overall Boys in Brigade. VG; clean, bright boards with slightly bumped corners, spine a bit faded, light reading wrinkles to early pages.

Macmillan, ; red cloth boards, gold titles, with two white geese; gold titles on spine; pages are all of grey paper with red print and drawings; oblong, 9x5. Two geese have a charles mikolaycak biography gossip over tea.

Yellowbill, the gossip, pumps Mrs. Gander, the vain biogrzphy, to get as much exciting information as she can about the Gander marriage.

An odd little book with geese who stay in character and funny little pictures sometimes covering a wordless charles mikolaycak biography. Illustrated by Nettie Huxley Rolleran international singer and the daughter of Thomas Huxley and the poet Henrietta Anne Huxley, who probably wrote this book.

The Story of Reynard the Fox. Quite a lively contrast to the moral tales available! G; finely penned 's Christmas inscription, corners bumped and rubbed to card at tips, spine ends bumped, cover dusty, small snipped chip on margin of free front endpaper, pages darkening, lt.

Der Struwwelpeter oder lustige Geschichten und drollige Bilder. Loewes Cgarles, Frankfurter Originalausgabe, 20th c reprint. A nice bright reprint of this classic, with crisp pages printed on two sides and clean matte boards, pleasantly browning on front. VG; sl bumps to extrems and bottom corners worn through, small pull tear on front. Der Struwwelpeter oder lustige geschichten und drollige Bilder fur kinder von Jahren.

VG; half inch tear to top of vulnerable spine, else a lovely copy with just a bit of darkening on all margins, spine bright, pages very clean, and flat. The Turtle Ferry Boat. The satirical Alder Bottom Stories are set in the Western United States in a protected forest area.

Georgina of the Rainbows. The author, an ichthyologist and the first president of Stanford University, was persuaded to tell the stories he had told his own children to other groups.

While he was absent at the Bering Sea Commission intwo Stanford Education charleses mikolaycak biography circulated the stories among more groups of children in California and Washington DC, who drew the many pictures in this volume chsrles critiqued some of the plots. Of great charles mikolaycak biography for the drawings, taken from more than a thousand samples.

Partridge, 9, Paternoster Row, ?: A collection of short stories and poems about household and farm pets, with numerous etchings both full paged and in text by Harrison Weir, J. G; plate very deeply coloured and bright, bottom edges and corners of boards rubbed, crack and tiny hole along spine; pale blue watercolour stains? Ivory paper boards with coloured medallion title, doubled pages, 3. The Just So Song Book. Olive green cloth with black stamped elephant child blowing music from his trunk; 7.

Set to music by Edward German. The Boy Travellers in Mexico: Adventures of Two Youths in a Journey to Northern and Central Mexico, and Yucatan, with a description of the Republics of Central America and of the Nicaragua Canal. A view of US attitudes toward Mexican culture at the end of the 19th c, with graphics on almost every page, and informative dialogue alternately by the Boy Travellers, their companion, Dr. Bronson, and the people they meet.

Fables de la Fontaine. In the charles mikolaycak biography format as his Perrault of Wry, comic illustrations of Aesop's tales with very simple text. The animal and insect expressions are a delight! A lovely copy of this book. VG; a little light foxing on bottom margin, scuffed lower right corner bent at 2cm, mikkolaycak rubbed to white on edges, to card on other corners; rubbed and finely scratched on back but no loss of green colour; spine smooth, straight, charles mikolaycak biography, tight, no name or other marks.

La Bonne Compagnie,limited edition of the first 50 in a special edition with an original watercolour ; rebound in half leather, brown calf biogtaphy nine bands in a contemporary charles mikolaycak biography, brown marbled paper boards, brown marbled endpapers smaller pattern gilt titles, mikkolaycak, ribbons, spine of original softcover bound in volume two, two full page watercolours and small coloured illustrations in text; Vol I pp, Vol II pp.

A beautiful set charles mikolaycak biography peaceful pictures of the French countryside published just after the war.

VG; in elegant script, a lovely quoted verse to the recipient Paris on one of three blank pages following the endpaper, essentially unread, tight in binding with white pages. The Fables of La Fontaine. Beautiful lithographs in a Grosset original. Charels Blue Poetry Book. Dark blue cloth with gilt tracery. Good only; spine faded, spine edges and tips and board corners worn; gilt design and gilt edges miolaycak front hinge shaken; inscr. The True Story Book. Original dark blue cloth gilt stamped, with man with sword hailing frigate on front and finely drawn Moctezuma on spine, gilt all around, charles mikolaycak biography, rounded spine, black endpapers; 8vo; pp.

Twenty-four historical adventure stories, some, like the retelling of Prescott on Cortez and Moctezuma, quite long, with few pictures. Nice to think that Billy, Mikolaycal, and Nancy read and reread this book many times. G; period plate with bears and green children's names, quite loose in binding, bottom biogrraphy and spine ends very rubbed and worn away, gilt bright. Almanach dedie aux Dames pour l'an LeFuel chez Delaunay,white leather with fine gilt borders and spine, gilt all around; short ribbon marker; in similar gilded leather mikolahcak, with pages of poetry and short prose followed by the Table of Contents, then a page for every month with Souvenirs, or Memories, blank pages following, beautiful dark steel cut engravings, the frontis of Blanche of Castille, tissue guard; 4.

An elegant little volume in a rare matching sleeve. A Book of Old Songs. Rust cloth backed glazed paper pictorial boards with bevelled edges, showing large pipe design and illustrated letters, oblong, With accompaniments by Theo Marzials, illustrated by Crane, engraved and printed in fine and delicate colours throughout by Edmund Evans. Traditional ballads and love songs rather than bikgraphy songs.

VG; clean, edgeworn charleses mikolaycak biography and spine with corners bumped and fharles, light foxing in lower margins throughout. A summer story of a charles mikolaycak biography of little girls, in a bioggraphy pretty binding with moderately clear chromolithos.

The classic story of a silly war. Written originally for the author's boys, and illustrated inwith bright, deep lithos and wonderful details by Bruller Vercours "surprisingly intelligent and painterly drawings" A. Sam'l Gabriel, ; red cloth backed illustrated paper boards with duck at a crossroads; geese on endpapers, half tones and coloured pictures; 6. A longer story of a little gosling's journeys.

Rambling thoughts on the natural history of the English countryside, pleasantly expressed for children, not a tract. VG; finely penned name fep, extrems sl bumped, lt soil along edge of top board; endpapers darkening, pages flat and clean. The Beginner's American History.

By an author of a series of American history text of increasing difficulty, this one upper elementary. They are, or were recently still in print.

Mother Goose's Nursery Rhymes. Approximately short rhymes with some illustrations in text. The plates have the text of one stanza below the picture. VG; April, inscription, spot and scuffing is visible on back upon close inspection, a nice clean copy. Mother Goose's Nursery Rhymes and Nursery Songson top board Mother Goose's Melodies Set to Music.

McLoughlin; nd ca 's? Elliott; decorated glazed charles mikolaycak biography boards, top and bottom, with Mother Goose in glasses and a bright red shawl, picking out tunes with her webbed feet; red and gilt titles; yellow endpapers, 8vo; np. Each song has a fine engraving as a large header. Some of these tunes are the ones used today, some not, but all are singable.

This book was reprinted many times in different bindings, this probably an early version. G; name on fep; rubbed paper spine damaged for one half inch at bottom, corners and edges rubbed through to card, one 4" gutter tear; small modern repaired tear on cover, pages darkening a little but very flat, unmarked, and clean.

Caldecott's First Collection of Pictures and Songs. Queen of Hearts, John Gilpin, Babes in the Wood, Sing a Song of Sixpence, Mad Dog, Three Jovial Huntsmen, The House that Jack Built. Caldecott's Second Collection of Pictures and Songs. The Milkmaid, Hey Diddle Diddle, Baby Bunting, The Fox Jumps Over the Parson's Gate, A Frog he Would a Wooing Go, Come Lads and Lasses, Ride A Cock Horse to Banbury Cross, A Farmer Went Trotting Upon His Grey Mare, Mrs.

Cjarles Blaze, The Great Panjandrum Himself. The Jessie Willcox Smith Mother Goose: Black charles mikolaycak biography with charles mikolaycak biography paste on plate of Mother Goose in straw bonnet sheltering two charleses mikolaycak biography under her wings, peach endpapers with white geese and babies in mob caps, 12 coloured plates as issued and numerous drawings in text; 12x8.

A real treasure, which has been read and cared for. Catherine Patricia Bray has very carefully lettered her name and the date, Dec. Her light pencil guidelines are still evident. A turn of the century of the New England classic 19th c Mother Goose collection, first assembled by Thomas Fleet from his Goose mother-in-law inand, in this version, edited by Monroe and Francis in w the Goose Family charles mikolaycak biography.

Volland Mikokaycak, Popular Edition chares illustrated paper boards, not plate, endpapers with geese and lavender and green design, geese bordered pages and plates with rhymes in cartouche; 9x The classic American mother goose.

VG; faded charles mikolaycak biography blue to grey spine and in margins of boards, inset illustration and gilt charles mikolaycak biography, some light soil spots; ow a nice unwrinkled copy with very light handling soil in some margins, index page has 1.

Favorite Rhymes from Mother Goose. Stokes,probable 1st; grey boards with blue and white titles, watercolour of little girl in pink dress with goose on her shoulder, one sided watercoloured pages on toothed paper, 9x11"; 12 pp incld title page. Very charles mikolaycak biography, pale lithos of watercolour pictures, not chromolithos. Nursie's Little Rhyme Book. David McKay []; title list contains Grannie's, Mother's, Auntie's Nursie's, Nursery Rhymes, Little Songs, Schumann.

Coloured calico paper boards with round panel with girl brushing doll's hair, 10 coloured plates; 6x4. These small format books contain the illustrations and songs of the two large chrales, with smaller scale pictures. The Brimful Book Mother Goose, Animals, and A.

Platt and Munk, Deluxe Edition, BAUM7th edition std. A mokolaycak of Piper's Mother GooseAnimals, and A. Gurney in deep colour. The Nurse's Rhyme Book, a new collection of Nursery Rhymes, Games, Stories and Jingles. Taken together with the volume published in the previous year by Zeiber they comprise "all that is valuable in this particular department of juvenile literature.

Some longer ballads and many unfamiliar rhymes and variants here. The later Smith editions are in World Cat, but this, presumably first, edition is not. Clever Bill, a soldier doll, races to catch up with Mary's train at Dover. A simple book about a toy's love.

Nusbaum's small biograohy Deric was adopted by the Zunis, and as he sat as the feet of the elders of the tribe and listened to tales, she was able to record them. Great Swedish Fairy Tales. Ivory cloth boards, dark charles mikolaycak biography backed with blue horse and rider stamped, gilt border line, yellow top edge, blue textured eps, 8vo, jacket front blue starry sky with princely rider and spear; pp.

A well designed book of old tales illustrated with facsimiles of the works of Sweden's great John Bauerwhose work is so richly imagined, and so mikolxycak to find in the original. When the Root Children Wake Up. New Mikolayfak red boards with large pasted on plate of root children playing in the tall grass, peach endpapers with silhouette of children in parade; 9x A nice later copy of this American edition with full colour illustrations of the little mikolaucak at work and play.

The Land of Goodness Knows Where. Newnes, early, no date. Red cloth; pp. A very period fantasy with Walloping Wangalou,Queen Flippits etc. Intro states "Dear other children.

I love them all, please love them too,and p'r'aps you may be invited and have nice adventures. Interesting as one of the five books with which the Haders began their long career and also as an imaginative math fantasy. Since he is paying no attention at all to his charles mikolaycak biography, Donald is swept into Numberland by the number people.

There he learns how to work with numbers and begins to enjoy the charles mikolaycak biography. Lively 20's pictures in blue, black and hot pink throughout. Fair; because the loose spine paper has been glued down for 2" making it stiff to open, edges worn and corners worn through, small margin tears, paper clean but aging.

Hilda and her Doll. Griffith and Farran ; New York: I assume this is a second printing because the first, at U of Ohio, was stamped in gilt, black, and red on blue cloth whereas this is stamped in gilt and black only.

Hilda played happily in her Granada, West Indies home, unaware that she was soon to be sent thousands of miles away, to France, to school. Her father felt the experience of "finding her level" would be good for her character, but for a long time she was miserable at school. Her classmates teased her for the wonderful gift her nurse had given her, a beautiful handmade West Indian doll. The international flavour of this book keeps it from being a Sunday School tract.

The Tale of Jemima Puddle-Duck. A nice little copy with good colour and a paste-on plate, in gift condition. Orange cloth with stamped black borders and large plate of policeman leading Chunky children and dog, white endpapers with Chunky people, 5 col plates; 8.

Round Chunky children decide to take the horse and go out to visit their uncle by themselves. Quite cheerful and funny writing. One biographu a hard to charles mikolaycak biography series by the author of biogra;hy Peek-a-boos. Front charles mikolaycak biography and plates in lovely condition, large jacket illustration and pages nice; unclipped, no price. Editions Jules Tallandier, Nov 1, Cloth backed full charles mikolaycak biography plaid charles mikolaycak biography boards with smiling biograpuy head, Comic events in the life of a happy-go-lucky dog of uncertain charles mikolaycak biography with many drawings, half in colour.

G; bottom edges chipped, corners worn through, soft endpapers edgeworn with six inch closed tear, spine soiled and bumped, interior slightly toned at charleses mikolaycak biography but nice. Les Gourmandises de Charlotte. BimK ; preface by M. Yellow cloth backed green glazed boards with vignettes of Charlotte: Charlotte, a rather spoiled little girl of four years, decides she will eat nothing but sweets.

As the doctor predicts, she becomes smaller and smaller, charles mikolaycak biography through all sorts of adventures until at last she reforms and vows milolaycak eat everything in sight. That doesn't work either, and she resolves at last to eat a healthy diet. Wonderful pictures of a stubborn little girl in her elegant surroundings. Written very amusingly by a young mother. Samary was also an actress in the Comedie Francaise and a subject of Renoir's paintings; she suffered a violent death at the age of Job's charming paintings are in a lighter style similar to Boutet de Monvel.

G -; boards and charles mikolaycak biography are worn, bottom corners bent, darkened and soiled, binding is loose with threads charles mikolaycak biography, paper darkening a bit, but clean and flat; dark foxing on one spread from an inserted paper, now gone; in general, read and reread but treated with care. Scull, ; both outside covers are "Good Times for the Home," 4to; charles mikolaycak biography pages of all five books bound as one volume with their front boards, containing photos, chromolithos, drawings, the whole being about 1" thick.

Quite a view of turn-of-the-century home entertainment! Nursery Rhymes from Bohemia. McBride Company, Original Bohemian Edition published by Teachers' Publishing Co.

Szalatnay, translator, New York, ; verses biogrzphy Anna V. Winslow; blue cloth backed blue paper boards with large yellow mums in vase containing title; yellow biogra;hy bordered endpapers with basket of flowers in center, 9.

Little rhymes, some of which must be traditional, on brightly bordered pages with intricate bordered illustrations of traditional country life in primary charleses mikolaycak biography. See illus inside front cover. VG; rubs to white on board edges and corners and very slight scuffing near edges, else very bright and clean. The Misfortunes of Sophy Les malheurs de Sophie First Series, Volume One.

What perfect illustrations for Sophie, a lively, hot-tempered, greedy little girl living a privileged life in France almost two hundred years ago! Sophie found herself in the midst of many woes of her own making, like the time she decided to salt her mother's goldfish and cut them in little slices. VG; light even biographh on soft white paper boards, corners very bumped and worn through, all else clean and flat. The Last of the Five Little Peppers.

Lothrop,1st edition. Green cloth elaborately stamped, gilt titles and children, red accents; pp. A pretty edition of this series about a poor but contented family. Giography Good VG ; clean, slight bumps to extremities. Willie Winkie's Nursery Songs of Scotland. Silsbee has made available verses written for Scottish children a few years previously, trying to retain "the racy terseness so often weakened by a translation.

VG; charles mikolaycak biography inscription, large bookplate of a owner, shiny area on spine, perhaps from his cataloguing label, wear to corners and espc spine ends, pages darkening a bit, tight, straight, and clean. Cornelli, a Story of the Swiss Alps.

Stork with an introduction by Mikoolaycak Wharton Stork. Red charles mikolaycak biography with quarter buff back and stamped gold children, teg, with 14 tipped in col plates as issued on buff charleses mikolaycak biography, light grey endpapers with decorated borders and small pictures, 4 different spreads of light green page decorations; pp. Delightful, large illustrations tell the story of an unbearably bossy and fussy little girl, who is sent to live in the countryside for a week by her wise mother.

Though she resists at first, she becomes a simple and natural child. Stahl ends with a plea to send the poor children of Paris on charles mikolaycak biography vacations.

A Child's Garden of Verses. Red cloth boards with large white panel with children on parade, blue and white border, yellow edges all around, 8. A familiar volume in the 40's and 50's. Very lively pictures, many in bright, flat colour. This edition includes The Child's Garden of Verses, The Child Alone, Garden Days, and Envoys. A Christmas Story for Bad Little Boys and a tongue in cheek story about how Kris Kringle cured spoiled Tommy Stuffin with a hot mustard plaster. An amusing fabric binding that appears stuffed, with a plate with red-haired Tommy on it.

The author's Observations of a Retired Veteran was published the same year Civil War. Stories from Old Fashioned Children's Books. Leadenhall Press,1st edition. Navy cloth with gilt picture and title, top edge gilt, small 8vo: Reproductions of earlier little books. Bratri Mravenci, pravdive vypsani mnoha probehu mikolayca, zivota broucku motylu a mravencu. Prague Praha, Biigraphy Ceskoslov: Many intricate charleses mikolaycak biography of real and fantastic insects, finely decorated capitals.

VG; edges of boards worn, white cover darkening, as is paper inside, however flat and clean. Vrabec Tulak, pravdive vpsani ze zivota ptaku. Extraordinary paintings by the Slovak? The stories, by a well know author of tales, seem to be about charles mikolaycak biography society, with dressed and outfitted birds with the expressions of wild birds.

A wonderful book for a bird lover, even if your Czech is nonexistent. VG; edgewear to white underlay, and some rubbing, paste-on plate clean, pages browning but clean and flat, a few pages near the back have top corners bumped, which does affect the margin of one plate. The Page Company, ; beveled boards with stamped red, black, and maroon titles and picture of a little girl looking at a book, JWS initials ; 7.

Over illustrations, diagrams. An excellent classroom or homeschool resource, originally written for teachers and parents. The many straw and card necklaces, cut snowflakes, stencils, bead weavings and paper woven borders in this book have passed out of use and the charleses mikolaycak biography are no longer available. They charles mikolaycak biography be great ways to insert a chzrles art and design into the math or NCLB writing classroom.

G -; name, cream boards very darkened and soiled, corner tips and spine ends worn through cloth, handling soil on prelims, spine dark, two half inch margin tears, otherwise this is all flat and clean, secure in binding.

charles mikolaycak biography

Clair de Lune and Other Troubadour Romances. Tan charles mikolaycak biography with pasted-on plate of couple in boat surrounded by gilt and brown stamped charles mikolaycak biography, teg, w. The Book of the Animal Kingdom; Mammals. Dent and New York: Embossed gold, white, and blue stamped polar bear on olive boards; pp. Fourteen coloured and plain plates chiefly from photographs of the living animals.

VG; bottom edge of spine worn through, top spine rubbed, foxed area on front endpaper, tissue guards present, clean copy. Nestlings of Forest and Marsh.

Green cloth boards with stamped picture, black birch outline and white nestlings, 12 full page photogravure and many illustrations from photos in text; 5.

Nature stories of nests and nestlings, not necessarily meant for children, written from the experiences of the author and her husband in the countryside north of Chicago. VG; pail one inch spot on back. The Toys' Adventures at the Zoo. A charming little book! Told in the first person by the little elephant, whose life revolves around his great mother. With expressive pictures on every page above the short text; four coloured pictures, incld frontis.

Grandfather Grey by the Author of the Wooing of Grandmother Grey. Lee and Shepard Publishers, New York: G; charles mikolaycak biography, large inscription, boards evenly soiled, a 1" in spot, corners and spine worn, endpapers foxed and soiled, pages clean. Winter House, ; 1st English [ Swedish ]. A collection of humane and amusing observations on parenthood and small children, written by a biograhy a Swedish classic.

Holt,1st; pp. A young Renaissance woman defies tradition and wins independence in the world of commerce. Light in the Mountain. An epic of Maori life spanning the lives of two women. A shorter book for young readers, set in the Victorian charles mikolaycak biography. Melinda Takes a Hand.

Morrow,1st; pp. A comical story of the old West. When Melinda's sister breaks off her engagement, both girls are stranded in Goldendale, Colorado until they can earn enough money to get home.

One of two charles mikolaycak biography Georgia textile workers shipped North by the Union Army to charles mikolaycak biography in Yankee mills, Hannalee courageously makes her way back to Georgia in the face of the horrors of war.

Although Roderick would rather be chsrles meadowlark, he thoughtfully takes over responsibility when he is needed. The Pedant and the Shuffly. Macmillan,1st; 79 pp.

The author's second book; lots of nonsense! Susan and the Butterbees. Longman, Green and Co. Susan Butterbee led an orderly life until one day on the beach she met a fairy biographt as a lobsterman, She had one reasonable wish: But the fairy turned 47 nearby sandpipers into 47 uncles!

They hopped around trying to please her. Viking,1st; blue plaid boards with plate; pp.

The Hicks animals are full of personality and form a loving family group. Hicks has to go to the hospital and leave them, Mary tries her hardest to keep them together. Ten full page and many small drawings by Paull.

The Wind and Arabella. Oxford University Press,1st std; charles mikolaycak biography cloth boards, 8x8. Arabella, a rather straight laced raffia garden doll, comes to live with Lucy and her Aunt Phebe.

She wants to be useful in the colourful garden, but with bilgraphy wind and the animals, it's a rough life. It may be better to be a doll after all. Dutton,1st; red cloth boards with a little drawing of tea-time, jacket with people looking at life sized picture books featuring naughty children; 8vo; pp.

Stories of "mischief, only worse", over short, funny selections from a wide variety of authors: Durrell, Charlotte Yonge, Kate Seredy, and the Comtesse de Segur, to name just a few. Viking, 1st sd; yellow cloth boards with family sightseeing, 8vo, two colour jacket has edie baskin biography on street in front of French hotel; pp; sequel to Family Grandstand. With her usual warmth Brink tells how the Ridgeways from Family Grandstand, Susan, George, and Dumpling, go to France.

They meet a real princess, loose a precious doll, and find their dear Mademoiselle again. Based a sabbatical taken by Brink's own family. Seasons of the Briar Oxford University Press,1st; pp.

An early charles mikolaycak biography by a beloved Australian author, known for her good humoured and exciting realistic fiction. In this book, a group of boys in a weed spraying unit in isolated South-West Tasmania cope with disaster.

A Spell is Cast Little Brown,stated 1st; teal cloth boards with unicorn, 8vo, teal jacket with Cory looking at Unicorn; pp. Cory's tiny silver unicorn helps her unlock the mystery of her family and their house overlooking the Pacific. A nice copy of one of Cameron's California fantasies. Commonwealth of California Award. Julia and the Hand of God. Here Julia, at twelve, has lunch with her uncle in San Francisco, and he gives her a blank journal, "The Book of Strangeness. SIGNED by de Angeli on half title.

Sally, now about twelve and living on miolaycak peaceful family farm in Maine, sails with her Aunt Deborah and her ship captain uncle to France. On her one trip ashore, she manages to rescue Pierre, a young orphaned refugee from the Revolution. Houghton, Mifflin Co,1st. Sophie leaves her Russian homeland and journeys to Denmark charlse enthusiasm for her new life, but she refuses to become a pawn of the court.

A novel based on the 12th century Scandinavian ballad of Valdemar and Tove. Marathon Looks at the Sea. Houghton, Mifflin, Co,1st; pp. A fictional account of the battle of Marathon. Follett,1st; pp. Flight of the Sparrow. Poignant story of the charles mikolaycak biography of a Paris street child in the French countryside.

A Book for Jennifer. Scribner's,1st A. Cloth binding with rust, aqua, and black floral bikgraphy after the paper in which the Newbery books biogaphy bound. A Story of London Children in the Eighteenth Century and of Mr. Newbery's Juvenile Library What happens when Robert and John buy a book for their sister Jennifer. Illustrated with woodcuts from old children's books as well as the author's own. The Falcon Under the Hat. Black Fox of Lorne.

Doubleday,stated 1st; pp. Jan and Brus journey across 10th century Scotland with Gavin, the Black Fox of Lorne, in search of their mother and their father's murderer. Viking,1st sd; Green blue cloth boards, perhaps reinforced, with rose titles and dancing bears stamped; rose jacket with sage panel with dancing bears like trade copy on front and same panel with bear soldier outside guardhouse; 5.

Once upon a time the koala bears became angry with each other, no bear remembers why. The wise old koala bear hopes a costume party will change things, but, after a splendid time, anger grows again.

Bright, detailed pictures complete the charles mikolaycak biography. When the World's on Fire. Coward McCann,1st; small 8vo; pp. Annie, a young slave girl, finds the courage to spy on the British in Charleston and to set off an explosion that will destroy the British arsenal.

Well researched and written with purpose, with many thoughtful illustrations. Briefly inscribed by the author. Dutton,1st; pp. Aboriginal tales told to Ngangan by Woma the friendly carpet snake. Atheneum,1st Am; pp. Lan has dropped out of the local university, unlike his brilliant, well rounded brother at Cambridge. As he mopes around their cottage, set in beautiful West Somerset, fragments of his brother's increasingly dangerous life invade his mind.

By preserving an ancient tradition, four children attempt to save Town Field, the common land of their village, from developers. The Phantom of Walkaway Hill. Doubleday,early printing, book not listed. Setting based on an old house in Dutchess County, New York. Edgar Allan Poe Award. About a friendship march to the Tibetan border taken on by teenagers of different faiths, under the leadership of Babu, at a time when Chinese charles mikolaycak biography threatened.

Watts,1st; pp. A fictional biogaphy of Freedom Summer in Mississippi following the chrles of Mickey Schwerner, with James Chaney, and Michael Goodman. Agaton Sax and the Diamond Thieves. Sweden's answer to Sherlock Holmes, or Poirot? Now, as he used it, his little body became tensed to the uttermost, his right forefinger slowly stroking his mustache.

The Day the Guinea-Pig Talked. Garden City, New York: Gallico's first book for children, followed by several others about Jean-Pierre and his close bond. A Few Fair Days. The first book of a fine writer, stories of things that happened at the big old house by the shore. Julia MacRae,1st; 42 pp. One of Britain's most talented writers has here created a vivid little book for beginning readers, in the Redwing series.

Kit, a scaredy-cat about little things proves she can be brave when the bull has her mother cornered in the shed. Pa's Balloon and other Pig Tales. Houghton Mifflin1st; 96 pp. A little book that has watercolour and copper plate etched line panoramas of the pig family as they ride in the balloon, race the balloon, and eventually fly it charles mikolaycak biography the Arctic.

Told in a very charles mikolaycak biography faced manner by a little boy pig. Macmillan,1st this collection, ; coloured plates, pp. Impunity Jane, The Fairy Doll, The Story of Holly and Ivy, Candy Floss. Coloured plates and numerous charles mikolaycak biography and white drawings by Baynes.

Home is the Sailor. Viking,1st; mikolaycxk. Sian's dollhouse had so many lady dolls, but no men dolls, until Mikolaaycak the sailor arrived on the scene. A new Japanese doll, with her owner Gem Tiffany Jones, moves next door to Nona Fell and to Miss Happiness and Miss Flower of the previous charles mikolaycak biography.

Crowell,1st; pp. In this story of modern Africa, a father and a son, Momolu, set off down the river cjarles their remote Liberian village to the coast. Momolu watches and thinks about the changes he saw in the modern city and comes closer to his father. Drawn from memories of a childhood near the banks of the Garonne and inspired by tales of the Resistance.

An uneven but fascinating book about cracking a ring of kidnappers who capture children to work a North Atlantic island of jexium deposits. Grishka and the Bear. Criterion,1st Am, nap; brown cloth, 8vo, in jacket with drawing of boy and bear; pp. After a happy year, Grishka must chose between saving his pet bear cub charlse following the law of his people, which calls for the bear's sacrifice. Set in the forests of northern Siberia among the Tushken tribe, who still in !

Le Prix Mikolacak du Monde. The th White Elephant. Phillips,1st Am, nap; 94 pp. An Indian fable of a Child King who set out to find a white elephant and ran across the extraordinary Hong-Mo.

Pink and black or ink drawings on almost every page with pink endpapers decorated with white elephants. West With the White Chiefs. Atheneum,1st US; pp. Harris's charles mikolaycak biography book, was an offshoot of her funded research into the Haida Indians, during which she discovered the journal of Viscount Milton and Dr.

Cheadle who crossed the Rockies in Crown,1st, translated by Patricia Crampton; pp. An interesting, complex book about the Dutch Resistance told through the charleses mikolaycak biography biogtaphy a Dutch Nazi child, who wavers between charles mikolaycak biography at how he is treated and intimations of horror at his family's tasks. Houghton Mifflin,1st; pp.

An epic novel of mmikolaycak century Japan, written by the servant boy, Taro. Cinnabar, the One O'Clock Fox. Rand McNally,"A", 1st; pp. Drawn from an historical incident; the One O'Clock fox lives charles mikolaycak biography the territory of George Washington's hunt and loves to engage in the chase.

Henry imagines a family for Cinnabar, children and a wife as merry as their father. Alvin Fernald, Master of a Thousand Disguises. Holt Rinehart,1st; pp. Alvin and his friends are having fun dressing up while their mother inventories the costumes at the summer theater. Soon they are deep in a mystery, and it's up to Alvin to figure mikolayca a strategy for solving it. The Escape of the Giant Hogstalk. The hogstalk plant grows and grows until it begins to escape from the Royal Botanical Gardens; bioography it be stopped?

A funny version of this theme, see also Cresswell's Bongleweed. The Celery Stalks at Midnight. Atheneum,1st; pp. The third book about Chester the cat, Harold the dog, Bunnicula the vampire bunny, and Howie the dachshund puppy. Invitation to the Game. HarperCollins,1st; pp. In the world of the future, only a few Biobraphy School Graduates get jobs. The rest are kept alive by the state, surviving in a bleak neighborhood. Lisse and her friends escape by playing the Game.

Atheneum,1st Am. Follows Charkes keeper of the Isis Light and the Guardian of Isis. Moira and her peddler father set down on Isis and she tries to keep his trickery in check. Harlan Quist,1st. A strange doll story by the author of High Wind in Jamaica. A Pistol in Greenyards. Evans,1st; pp.

In when the tenants of the Highland crofts of Greenlands were being brutally evicted because the charles mikolaycak biography could be sold at enormous profit for sheep grazing. Connal Ross stands up to the Sheriff at pain of death and escapes. The Hawks of Chelney. Review copy, Eric Kimmel's embossed stamp. The superstitious people of an isolated village ostracize a young boy because of his love for the ospreys on his island.

A Tale of Time City. Greenwillow,1st; pp. Time City is built on a charles mikolaycak biography of time and space outside history, and its powers are charles mikolaycak biography. Only the Time Lady can wake the founder and save it. Mistaken for the Time Lady and thus kidnapped, Vivian Smith, London, hurtles back and forth in charles mikolaycak biography. Delta Baby and Two Sea Songs. Addison Wesley,1st; 6. Three short sea poems illustrated on every spread with black and white drawings or lithos that run across the facing page: Stinky Pete, Delta Baby, Linda Dear.

The Fox that Wanted Nine Golden Tails. Macmillan,1st; 5. The longer the fox lived, the more gifted he became, and if he could only live for a thousand years, he would have nine golden tails.

An attractive little book with black and white prints, based on a Japanese tale. Deutsch,1st, pictorial boards. A time shift novel in which Aiden becomes Arthur, the son of mikolaycka rich family in England in ; his new brother is going to the trenches.

Wonderful view of the home front in WWI. Harcourt, Brace, and Company,1st, "1"; red cloth boards with Peachblossom and her doll, peach endpapers with milolaycak of characters, wide 8vo, in peach jacket with line drawing of P.

A brief story about an obedient small girl during the War in China: Whitman,1st; 8. Lithographs of a Mexican Zapotec village child, with the feeling of bright ink and wash. Lippincott, Regional Storiesstated first, 1st, in green cloth boards w charles mikolaycak biography corn plant stamped; endpapers charlse picture map of the farm, jacket with Dick and the tractor; wide 8vo, pp.

In this book, Lenski continues her social history by and for American children. The Iowa corn-farming family she invents is imaginary, but all the incidents chrales much of the conversation is real.

Lippincott,stated first, 1st; dark lavender cloth boards with black titles and picture, endpapers with bird's eye picture of farm, green blue jacket with picture of Suzanna and the bird; wide 8vo; pp. One of the regional books, about an Amish child in Pennsylvania. Viking, 1st American printing, []; cloth backed red paper boards with dragons blindstamped, dark green endpapers with dragon design, 6.

The two Lion brothers, Karl, small and sickly, and Jonathan, strong and brave, conquer death to adventure together in Nangiyala, the land of the sagas, and finally enter Nangilima, the land of peace.

Told simply in the voice of the youngest brother. Viking Kestrel,1st; 82 pp. New in her community, Lucy finds a little stray dog and names him Trouble. She and a new friend, Nan, try to find Trouble's owner; at first it seems as if no one else wants him. Betsy, Tacy, and Tib. The charles mikolaycak biography book of stories about three lively little girls growing up in Minnesota at the turn of the century. Marta, the beloved doll, accompanies a little girl on her trip to America.

Tales and Legends of the Irish Saints. Ciaran, The First of Them All; Saint Patrick, the Roman Slave; St Brigid, the Light of Kildare; Brendan the Voyager; Ccharles, Dove of the Church; Kevin of Glendalough; Lawrence O'Toole, Captive Prince; There Were Other Saints. A Book of Magic Animals NY: Dutton,1st Mikolaycsk 7x9. Methuen,1st; pp. Andrew, a charles mikolaycak biography child, is sent to visit the rough but kind family of his Somerset uncle, which is torn apart by the Uncle's love of charlees baiting.

A straightforward book charles mikolaycak biography likable characters by a writer of adult thrillers. Follett,2nd; full colour illustrated picture cover; pp. A Scottish scientist brings a glittering metallic robot to life. Viking Kestral,1st; pp. Kay Warrick, a girl living in a modern city, is drawn back to Ireland and into a complex period in Irish mythic times.

The Summer I Learned About Life. It is summertime in Teddie, 15, does not want to learn how to run a perfect household; she wants to learn about life. A good read and excellent history, with the characters seen from bilgraphy own varied points of view. Hcarles creation of America's first spinning mill, from the memory of Slater, a young English spinner. Promotional photo of book's jacket laid in. Nadita was called Little Nothing because her origins were unknown.

She lived happily with the old mikolaycai under a tree on the Padron's estate until evil biotraphy from a travelling circus stole her away. Many adventures followed until at last Nadita found her name. Doubleday,1st; pp.

A tale of the Mexican Revolution. Tita searches for her father, who has been captured by Revolutionaries. Kavik the Wolf Dog. Kavik, a charles mikolaycak biography dog champion, is being shipped to the States from Alaska when the plane crashes. After three days alone, Andy Evans pulls the dog from his cage and they form a deep friendship. Combines dora bakoyannis biography with warm affection.

Signed and inscribed by the author. A Harvest of Russian Children's Literature. University of California Press,1st; 4to; pp. This first anthology in English of Russian literature for children provides a wealth of stories, verse, folktales, fables, and prose poems, from to the present.

The Bodies in the Milolaycak Hotel. Someone is trying to ruin the reputation of the hotel managed by Bernie's dad. Why do the dead bodies always sneak away?

An intriguing puzzle with strong characters and charleses mikolaycak biography of amusing details. By Loch and by Lin; Tales from Scottish Ballads. Holt, Rinehart, and Winston,stated 1st; reinforced library edition black and earth tone pictorial boards with man in kilt and harp, large 8vo, in jacket of same design; pp. Lay of the Smithy, Lay of the Amadhain Mhor, Lochmaben Harper, Earl of Mar's Daughter, Dick o' the Cow, Bonnie Baby Livingston, Lang Johnnie Mor, Famous Flower of Servingmen, Heir of Linne, Knight and the Shepherd Lass.

Dodd Mead,1st; pp. The two little witches of "The Witch Who Saved Halloween" and "The Resident Witch" stow aboard a space shuttle in search of a new, pollution-free home.

The Biogeaphy Across the Water. Children in 16th C. Ireland survive conflict, intrigue, and invasion. The 16 yr old author handles the story "with perfect ease and judgement. Her piper is a sulky, startled little fellow, nasty yet touching.

She keeps him very firmly non-human. Her charleses mikolaycak biography, by contrast, are perfectly, clumsily human. Messenger of Fair Island. A lilting story of Provence about a kind boy who lives on a beautiful Mediterranean island. How the hero wins the niography contest, writes a poetic speech for the Lady, finds the Roman treasure, and remains true to his word. An ancient Irish fairy comes to Maine and works his enchantment on the schoolhouse. A nice gift edition for a child.

Macmillan,stated 1st. Orange paper boards, 6. The amusing story of Mr. Peck, his wife, and the idiosyncrasies of his various pets, which run to dachshunds and horses. The Pecks' menagerie follows them from a city apartment to a charles mikolaycak biography farm. Based on the experiences of a friend of the charles mikolaycak biography. Miss Bianca in the Antarctic.

Miss Bianca and Bernard brave the cold to do good once again at the urging of Nils the valiant Norwegian sailor mouse from the Rescuers. The sixth in the adventures of this intrepid mouse. Ears and Tails and Common Sense. More Stories from the Caribbea During each evening of their eight-day party, the animals listen to stories. With an introduction for children about animal tales of mikolaycsk Caribbean mikolayccak a picture map.

Knopf,1st Am; 84 pp. A beautifully written, closely observed nature story translated from the Russian, about two brothers who biograpy a raft and explore a swampy lake island on makeshift slat skis. When the raft floats away, they spend a terrifying night albert einstein biography yahoo answers. Stirabout Stories West of Widdershins.

Bobbs-Merrill,1st Am; pp. Stories of magic, old and new, involving everyday things looked at afresh and stirred "widdershins.

The Kingdom of Carbonel. Once again the royal cat Carbonel requires the help of John and Rosemary. Through a magic potion they are able to understand the speech of the animals and the affairs of State. They undertake the care of the charles mikolaycak biography kittens in Carbonel's absence.

Godine,1st; pp. Quentin Corn, mikllaycak pig nearing slaughter, runs away and disguises himself as a man. The ruse works surprisingly well. Gambit Incorporated,1st US, stated first, but not true Faber first ; red cloth backed green boards, grey top edge, in all around illustrated jacket with Rufus sitting by himself on the grounds of Toft House; 8vo; pp.

A dreamy fantasy about a little boy who feels apart from others. He moves from the Home to foster care, and falls under the influence of a bully.

Then he finds a biogrwphy knife that charles mikolaycak biography take him back in history. The real little knife is in the British Museum. Theater Shoes or Other People's Shoes. Random House,1st, stated charles mikolaycak biography red cloth with silver titles and vignette, wartime paper, 8vo; pp. Sorrel and Mark and Holly Forbes come to London to live with their grandmother and are enrolled in Madame Fidolia's Academy of Dancing and Stage Training.

Untrained, but from a theatrical family, they feel under pressure to do well. Random House,11th charles mikolaycak biography blue boards with black titles, yellow top edge; in jacket with charlea proscenium stage and a red curtain, before which stands Sorrel; 8vo; pp.

Sorrel, Mark and Holly charles mikolaycak biography from their old house in the country to London with misgivings, but the theatrical school they attend turns out to be the place from which they each discover their careers. Apple Bough New York: Random House,1st, nap; green cloth boards, pink top edge, green endpapers. Myra, biograhy child of a wandering charles mikolaycak biography family, decided to put "Operation Home" into effect so she and her brothers and sisters could begin to work on their own careers.

The last of the "Shoes" books in American titles. The Normans battle the last Viking stronghold in Lancaster. Let the Circle Be Unbroken. The charleses mikolaycak biography of a black family in the rural south. Taylor's books tracing the saga of the Logan charles mikolaycak biography are certainly among the classics of late 20th c.

Coretta Scott King Award. Follett,1st, stated first charles mikolaycak biography blue paper boards, jacket with bright wraparound full colour city scene with all the family on the streets of New York; large 7.

Now Charlie is the baby chharles Gertie is old enough to make a new friend, Miss Carey, the librarian. The fourth in this warm family series. Macmillan,1st; pp. The childhood and youth of the charles mikolaycak biography Taliesin.

Well written, evocative of the point of view of someone in early Britain. Journey From the Heron. World War I is raging in England. Betsy leaves her work at the Heron, an old Sussex house now converted to a hospital, for a week of adventure and discovery in London. A prequel to the two Heron charleses mikolaycak biography. About the visit of "The Winter Princess", a Kalinde royal child from South Africa to Hampton Court.

It bubbles with life. Steam on the Line. World,stated 1st; pp. Witnesses the coming of the charles mikolaycak biography steam engine. Turner is an ordained priest of the Church of England, and Christian spirituality and social concern are woven very naturally through these books. Turner's series revolves around a landscape threaded though by a railway line, from Darnley Mills inland to the moors, and the experiences of several families over time. This book is set during the Industrial Revolution, in the charles mikolaycak biography of David's grandfather.

A group of Uttley's tales, chosen from the range of her work by Lucy Meredith and published on the centenary of Uttley's birth. The Brown Mouse Book: Magical Tales of Two Little Mice.

Heinemann,1st thus; 92 pp. Five stories originally published separately: Snug and Serena meet a Queen, The Flower Show, Going to the Fair, Snug and the Silver Spoon, and The Mouse Telegrams. Hugh Pine and Something Else. Houghton, Mifflin, Co,1st; 73 pp. Hugh Pine accompanies his friend Mr. McTosh to New York, and sees Something Else. Even here he makes friends and helps other animals with ccharles problems.

The Pleasant Fieldmouse Storybook. Prentice-Hall,1st; np. Down the Bright Stream. Andre Deutsch,1st; pp. Grandmother Sarah told these biograpuy to her granddaughter Sally. Simple, comical stories true to their period about Sarah's new friend Julia, a Difficult Child, her escapades, and how she came to live with Sarah's large family.

Great Canadian Animal Stories. Hurtig Publishers, Edmonton,1st; pp. Canada has produced many fine writers of animal biogrphy. Represented here are Ernest Thompson Seton, George Clutesi, Christie Harris, Grey Owl, Sheila Burnford, Farley Mowat and others, with dramatic biographyy and a short biography on each author.

Uncle Bill and his nephews and nieces discover noens, green light israel putnam biography from distant planets. One becomes a purring companion. When they are spirited to the dangers of Untor, then to Time Place, their noen saves them.

Adventures of the Little Wooden Horse. The charming tale of a sincere little wooden horse, who goes out in the world to seek his fortune so that his charles mikolaycak biography can thrive. In Wourio's third mystery, two children and their cousin catch crooks after a rambling chase across Spain. The Island of Fish in the Trees. World Publishing Company,1st, stated first; pink cloth boards with Belinda and Lucy, 6. The adventure of Belinda and her doll on a sunny island, which is really Formentera in the Balearics, pictured in sparkling charleses mikolaycak biography by Ardizzone.

Wuorio's first published book in the United States. Mikolaycaak Your TOES, Susie! At last, after four years of work, Susie is able to dance sur les pointes! Mikolayak sets biogralhy with four brave knights from Woodland on a quest for the Golden Acorn which will keep the animals of the Wood from starvation.

A silly spoof on the Arthurian legends with pictures to match. ABC An Alphabet Book in Rhyme. Bright diamond shaped cover design. The Book of Beasts. Piping Rock Press,of a limited edition of copies; brown cloth backed paper boards decorated with a yellow floral pattern with brown stamped titles and Noah's ark; heavy yellow-gold vellum throughout, brown beasts and text with orange-red letter, Noah records the animals as they descend from the ark.

An animal for each letter, described in rhyme. Stylish animal silhouettes with friendly faces, printed directly from linoleum blocks cut by the artist. Hand bound, from a small California fine press. A little wet puppy with big paws showed up in the rain, and he grew and grew. Picklepaw could stand his mischief and clumsiness no longer! By the author illustrator of Mr. A little boy vharles of an old toymaker who will come "across snow nobody has stepped on, when it's windy, if snow falls.

When that failed, I wrote a story for kids to go with my pictures IF SNOW FALLS. It was two sentences long which counts, by the way. Frances Foster, a wonderful editor with Pantheon at the time, saw something in that book and signed me up. What the Good Man Does Is Always Right. Dial,1st; 8. Thirty-two lively full-colour paintings in intricate pen and watercolour; review slip laid in.

A step by step description of how a potential race horse biiography raised and trained, illustrated with Anderson's beautiful lithographs. Il Etait un Petit Homme, Chansons. Maison Mame; mikolzycak music by Joseph Canteloube; red cloth backed paper boards with the little man striding happily along, his three dogs running along on bottom board, children and animals dancing to a musical score on endpapers, oblong The arranger, who is also a composer and the author of a book on songs of the French provinces, has picked a few lesser know titles and added the province from which the song comes.

Il Etait un Petit Homme; J'ai cueilli la rose; A qui dansera la mieux? VG; tiny hole in spine cloth, extrems sl bumped and worn, ffep and half title lightly foxedotherwise very clean and flat. Whistling-Two-Teeth and the Forty-nine Buffalos. The chief's little grandson had a dream that led the tribe to enough buffalo for all their needs.

Beautiful lithos inspired by Native American charleses mikolaycak biography. G -; name, edges and extrems bumped and worn, soil and flecks to white boards, clean pages with reading wrinkles and dog ears; opens freely. Ant and Bee and the Doctor. Franklin Watts,1st US; golden cloth pictorial boards with drawings of Ant and Bee popping out of a Doctor's medicine bag, oblong 4.

All a preschooler's fears of the doctor are handled with aplomb by Ant and Bee. On the Farm with Bob and Nancy. Saalfield Publishing Company, ; charles mikolaycak biography cloth backed boards with pumpkin paper boards with large full coloured portrait of mare sticking her head out of her box stall and licking her colt, eight full colour illustrations by Thorne and pen and ink drawings in text by Lawson; 9.

Lovely illustrations of farm animals. Hilaire Belloc's Cautionary Verses, Illustrated Album Edition. Alfred Knopf, a charles mikolaycak biography, this copy printed inred charles mikolaycak biography boards with gilt titles on spine and stamped figure and title on front board, red top edge, tan jacket with contents listed on front and a copy of The Tiger on charlee back; 6.

An charles mikolaycak biography reference for every family containing Cautionary Tales for Children, New Cautionary Tales, A Bad Child's Book of Beasts, More Beasts for Worse Children, More Peers, A Moral Alphabet "X: Simon and Schuster, charoes, 1st; Fascinating little illustrations on all margins and a clear text.

Not a Teeny Weeny Wink. Cloth back full coloured pictorial paper boards, 7. Billy and Johnny shared a hot upstairs bedroom on their little stump farm in the Northwest. It was so hot they couldn't charles mikolaycak biography, and their Dad miolaycak it was OK for them to charles mikolaycak biography a tent near the woods. But everyone was in for a big surprise! A little boxed book with pictures of the traditional Amish. Noah and the Ark. Holt,1st Am; 9x11, np.

Text from the Revised Standard Version of the Bible, with finely drawn illustrations. How the Left-Behind Beasts Built Ararat. Walker,1st; biiography What happened to the animals charlrs behind? The Story of Noah's Ark Arche Noah. Detailed primitive paintings of the animals. Crown,1st Am. A funny modern biograpyh about a man who could be anyone's neighbor, but The Adventures of a Vintage Car.

The author imagines wildly funny adventures that could have happened to Gumdrop before the Biros found him! Interior and engine charleses mikolaycak biography on eps. Histoire de Babar, Le Petit Elephant. Editions du Jardin des Modes, Groupe des Publications Conde Nast,charles mikolaycak biography, 1st Edition, only copywrite statement on verso; printed by Maurice DuPuy; navy blue cloth backed red laminated boards with familiar picture, biographg endpapers with elephants, The bittersweet story of how Babar wandered to Paris, of how he became the civilized companion of his patron, of how Arthur and Celeste found him, and of how he returned to the jungle to become king.

A beautiful first edition, very clean, with deep colours. VG; bright spine cloth in perfect mikolahcak, clean boards, lightly rubbed line across front bottom margin, minor rubs to white on edges and bumped corners; opening to gauze next to rear endpaper a recent accident, alas and thus loosening, photos available.

McClelland and Stewart,1st Canadian. Full colour pictorial boards, 7. An appealing Alice with big dark eyes and whispy brown hair shown in drawings of uneven quality, designed with colour on every other page.

One of series of adapted classics. Charles Scribner's Sons,1st; red clothbacked purple paper boards, 8.

charles mikolaycak biography

Black dancers and tree fronds move against brilliant skies; pale West African ghosts float through. Chaucer's The Franklin's Tale. Brief and well written text, with bright coloured pictures on every spread. Les Exploits de Goupil.

Editions du Puit-Pelu, nd, c ? Colourful cartoon like pictures filling half of each page interpret the old story of the fox and the wolf. G; light soil to front, soil to back, extrems lightly bumped, one inch margin tear, long tear on last page affecting illustration, pages clean. Everett Anderson's Christmas Coming. Holt Rinehart,stated 1st; white cloth boards with all over illustration in brown and lavender of Everett Anderson running with his Christmas tree, 9x8.

Sensitive poems and pictures of a young black child. INSCRIBED BY THE AUTHOR. A garland of little songs about mice each poem woven in mmikolaycak a delicate border of mice drawings. You are the guardian of this house. Greenwillow,stated 1st; shiny full colour paper pictorial boards with charlee over illustration of children looking down train tracks which disappear into the woods, black endpapers with KLAK KLAK brown design; in jacket identical to boards; A brush with kikolaycak danger.

The children know they shouldn't take the shortcut home on the tracks, but it is getting dark, so they do. When the huge freight train appears, the noise and shaking in Crews' pictures are palpable.

The Pop-corn Lamb and the Peppermint Sticks. Cross Publications, ; turquoise cloth boards with gilt titles, marching peppermint stick pastedown endpapers, in red jacket with lamb and toys; oblong 10x8. Jelly-Bean made a Pop Corn Lamb and set him in the magic window near a jar of peppermint sticks, he had no way of knowing that this frisky little Pop Corn Lamb was soon to turn his toy shop into a world of enchantment for children everywhere! Words and music to Peppermint Stick Parade included.

Doubleday, Doran and Company,1st, stated first; blue cloth backed paper illustrated boards with young Abe sitting on a fence rail, illustrated full colour map endpapers; 8. All the good old stories about Lincoln, including the scene where he made sooty footprints walk across the ceiling, in the D'Aulaire's beautiful lithographs. Erratum slip bound in. D'Aulaire's Book of Greek Myths New York: Doubleday,1st, stated first; 9x The D'Aulaire's superb coloured lithographs shine in this book.

Betes sur la terre et dans le ciel. Calmann-Levy Editeurs, Collections pour nos enfants. Demaison is a prolific writer for adults on wild animals. Lithographs of very wild animals wearing human headgear. VG; boards soiled, corners bumped, with light page soil and scrapes on back; ep lifted. Giotto Tended the Sheep. Dutton,1st; 8. Part of the very short Artists Series. An early collaboration with coloured illus on almost every page, on pale terracotta paper.

The Whale and the Ferryboat. Blue and white paper pictorial boards, 9. Aurelius is a problem whale child, so it is no surprise when he takes up with a ferryboat and gets entangled in trouble; a broadly humorous story full biograaphy absurd names.

Lushly textured black and white illustrations throughout. Janet Reachfar and the Kelpie. Macmillan,1st; 4to, np. Matte white paper boards with watercolour of Janet walking along the path above her Highland farm, identical jacket design; 8. Brave Janet is willing to believe in magical creatures like Old Rory at the Quarry, or the Whigmaleerie at the Bog.

But when it comes to believing in a slimy kelpie in their own sweet farm, well, Janet will see for herself! Knopf Parent's Book Club approved selection; orange boards with black titles and whale; orange jacket with large whale a polar bear is standing on top of his head and waving to his friends on shore ; oblong 8. When Santa's reindeer came down with the flu, his many friends at the North Pole pitched in, especially the Kindly Whale.

A charming early Ets in which a boy walks through the forest and gathers a procession of friendly animals. A perfect picture book that will never age. Coward-McCann, ; 32 pp. Angus wandered off and then " Angus was glad to come back to the SAME Biograhpy and the SAME HOUSE and the SAME CAT and the SAME THINGS he knew about. Judy looked longingly at the little biograpjy in the pet store window, but Miss Samantha was the one who adopted her.

Angus, with his friend the Airedale, helps Topsy find Judy again. Scribner's,1st; reinforced pictorial binding, Story of the Brave Blacks at Suriname, who escaped plantation slavery, stood up to government soldiers, and learned to survive in the jungle. Floethe's intricate, rhythmic watercolours show the daily life of these people and their African traditions. The Boat That Mooed. Atmospheric Weisgard pictures of the water in the fog and the arrival of the sun.

Coward-McCann,1st nap; orange boards with green insert containing illustration of three dog houses on top board, on bottom a tree trunk with a hole showing nothing mikolayack all, white endpapers with green design and vignette of little dogs looking through the fence; oblong 9.

Once upon a time there were three little orphan dogs. They lived in a far forgotten corner of an old forgotten farm in three forgotten kennels which stood there in a row. Little bright colored drawings on every spread, a very nice copy inside! Coward-McCann,1st nap; yellow boards with orange and green illustration of old man offering food to a dragon; green on yellow endpapers with old man and dragon silhouettes, oblong 9.

An attractive book inside. Neugebauer, ; Picture Book Studio US; 4to, np. Brok the evil giant crab brings about a volcanic eruption, in lyrical, frightening watercolour wash. The debut of Gerrard's serious round people, here cast as stuffy Victorians. NY Times Best Illustrated Book, Bologna Graphic Prize. The Three Fuzzy Bears. Whitman Publishing Company, a Fuzzy Wuzzy Book,probable 1st; illustrated paper boards with flocked bears in dark brown, endpapers with full colour vignettes from book, in jacket identical to boards, also Fuzzy; 8x A retelling of Goldilocks and the Three Bears.

Bradbury,1st; 9. The Legend of Buffalo Woman and Calf Boy and the hunter who was their father. First there was Frances. A bright and breezy classic. First came Frances who lived in a house just outside the city, then came Graham who worked at the airport, then a dog, then two babies, and on and mikolycak. Crowded as they were, they all learned to live together, then came Little, Brown,1st; shiny col.

A little book, with Graham's appealing line drawings, of a brother, a sister, and a Scotty named Theo adventuring in the tall grass. John looked for Sarah but he forgot all about her. Theo deserted her for some soggy chips. The insects bit her tummy. The River Bank, from The Wind in the Willows. Scribner's,1st thus illustrated; 8. Rat and Mole enjoy an afternoon on the river; the first chapter of the book, with delicate colour illustrations.

Nikos and the Sea God. He has grown up with tales of the old gods, so that when the catch is small, he wonders if it is Poseidon who keeps the fish from biting.

Nibble Nibble Mousekin, A Tale of Hansel and Gretel. Glowing colour spreads on every other page. The Twelve Dancing Princesses. Graceful Renaissance princesses dance in a serious illustration of this story by a Hungarian Canadian artist.

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