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Edith nesbit short biography 3

edith nesbit short biography

Here is where you find links to related content on this site or other sites, possibly including full books or essays about Edith Nesbit written by other authors featured on this site. In other projects Wikimedia Commons Wikiquote Wikisource. E. Nesbit, in full Edith Nesbit (born August 15, and short stories. URL: https:// overbank.mostbook.info / biography / E-Nesbit ; Access Date: May 31, ;. Edith Nesbit [married name Bland], was born on 15th August in London. She was the youngest of five children. Their father owned, and ran, an agricultural college. Upon their return to England Edith's mother moved the family from London to Halstead, Kent.

Edith Nesbit was born in Kennington, Surrey, the daughter of agricultural edith nesbit short biography and schoolmaster John Collis Nesbit. The death of her father when she was four and the continuing ill health of her sister meant that Nesbit had a transitory childhood, her family moving across Europe in search of healthy climates only to return to England for financial reasons.

Nesbit therefore spent her childhood attaining an education from whatever sources were available — local grammars, the occasional boarding school but mainly through reading. At 17 her family finally settled in London and aged 19, Nesbit met Hubert Bland, a political activist and writer.

edith nesbit short biography

They became lovers and when Nesbit found she was pregnant they became engaged, marrying in April when Nesbit. After this scandalous for Victorian society beginning, the marriage would be an unconventional one. Initially, the couple lived separately — Nesbit with her family and Bland with his mother and her live-in companion Maggie Doran.

Nesbit discovered a few ruby rana biography into the marriage that Bland had been conducting an affair with Doran, fathering a child with her and previously promising to marry her.

Though they argued ferociously Nesbit did not end the marriage, choosing instead to move in properly with her husband and become friends with Doran. She then began to help support Doran and her own family financially by writing and selling sentimental poetry. As the family grew Nesbit and Bland became increasingly politically edith nesbit short biography.

In they were amongst the founding members of The Fabian Society, a socialist group that would have an enormous effect on the politics of Britain over the next century.

The couple named their third child Fabian after the society. At around the same time Nesbit invited her close friend Alice Hoatson to live with the family as housekeeper and secretary, as Hoatson was pregnant out of wedlock.

Nesbit agreed to adopt the child to prevent a scandal. Nesbit demanded that the mother and baby leave her house; however Bland refused to allow it, stating he would leave her in turn if they could not remain. Initial Edith Nesbit books were novels meant for adults, including The Prophet's Mantle and The Marden Mystery about the early days of the socialist movement. In Alice Hoatson had another child, John, with Bland - whom Nesbit dutifully adopted as her own son. That year the family moved to Well Hall House in Eltham, Kent.

In her son Fabian died suddenly from tonsillitis — the loss would have a edith nesbit short biography emotional impact and numerous subsequent Edith Nesbit books were dedicated to his memory.

edith nesbit short biography

In she had published The Adventures of the Treasure Seekers to great acclaim. In the new century Nesbit dedicated herself to writing, completing such classics as The Railway Children and Five Children and It She is often thought to be the edith nesbit short biography modern writer of children stories, though she continued to write for adults. She also continued her political involvement, lecturing at the newly founded London School of Economics.

Inedith nesbit short biography been going blind for many years and being supported entirely by Edith, Bland died. They would be together for the remainder of her life. Suffering from lung cancer Nesbit moved to New Romney, Kent.

She died in Her husband carved her headstone, which remains in the churchyard of St Mary in the Marsh, where she is buried. She had continued to write until her death, publishing over forty-four novels in her lifetime.

edith nesbit short biography

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