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Geof manthorne biography 2

geof manthorne biography

Other People with this Name Other People with the name Manthorne Kim Manthorne Nova Scotia Museum William Manthorne PanAgora Asset Management Inc. As one of the stars of the Food Network’s hit reality show Ace of Cakes, Geof Manthorne is known for his incredible cake creations and dry, sardonic sense of humor. overbank.mostbook.info overbank.mostbook.info geof-manthorne. Geof Manthorne biography, pictures, credits,quotes and more Executive sous chef at Charm City Cakes. overbank.mostbook.info geof-manthorne. In January of , a video from the Food Network was released on YouTube of him singing… read more.

You swooning masses include the woman who jumped on Manthorne outside the Baltimore bakery where the show is set, snuggling up to him cougarishly for a photo.

Also the geof manthorne biography middle-aged women spotted giggling outside the bakery, bumping into each other as they tried to geof manthorne biography inside the mail slot.

And most definitely the college girl who's posted an online letter to Manthorne.

geof manthorne biography

I think that you are amazingly attractive. I just wanted to let you know that I have a totally innocent crush on you and it sometimes makes me wish I didn't live in Dallas. As if that weren't devastating enough, the woman in question not only works with him at Charm City Cakes, but her job involves geof manthorne biography the office correspondence.

So all those lovey-dovey cards and coy e-mails? Food Network's Ace of Cakes has transformed the year-old Manthorne into the unlikeliest of heartthrobs.

When his smitten fans aren't e-mailing the bakery, they're anchored on the Remington sidewalk holding up "I heart Geof" signs. When they aren't shrieking for him at food festivals, they're approaching him with marriage proposals.

geof manthorne biography

When librarians order a cake, they want a special Manthorne delivery. It's enough to give a guy a complex. With his sheepish smiles, dry asides and easy, hippie vibe, he's cool with it.

Manthorne is the first person Duff Goldman turned to six years ago when his business making wildly creative custom cakes became too much to handle on his own.

At the time, Manthorne was building models for Baltimore architects. It's no surprise that the animated Goldman, the show's star and namesake, gets his share of fan mail. But Manthorne plays the introverted yin to his friend's in-your-face yang.

I'm the introspective, quiet one, the right-hand man. I guess some people go for Duff, some people go for me. Goldman, who lives for the geof manthorne biography Manthorne makes him every year for his birthday, says his friend is no sidekick. And the geof manthorne biography that he's cute doesn't hurt. Curry, who met Manthorne at a Fluid Movement water ballet show she was swimming, he was working the soundunderstands what other women see in her icing-stained man.

The Manthorne portrayed in the geof manthorne biography is pretty much the Manthorne you get when the cameras stop rolling, Curry and Goldman agree. That's his thing," Goldman says. At the geof manthorne biography recently, Manthorne is hunched over his workstation, wielding an X-Acto knife tom landry biography summary carve fondant with a surgeon's precision.

His impossibly skinny jeans are dusted with powdery cornstarch. He's making a replica of a firetruck out of cake, forming ladders from sugar and molding the Play-Doh-like fondant into tiny taillights, windows, strips of chrome.

When the orders are highly technical, the meticulous Manthorne is the bakery's go-to guy. As Goldman puts it, Manthorne thinks like an architect or an engineer "but has a very artistic soul.

geof manthorne biography

When he finishes the firetruck, he'll craft edible versions of Nationals Park in Washington and Pittsburgh's Heinz Field. Manthorne describes himself as meticulous and slow, a perfectionist. And with only about a cake a week to do these days, he can be. With fame brought on largely by the TV show, Charm City Cakes has become more exclusive.

Still, the bakery is booked into next year. September 17, By Jill Rosen Jill Rosen,jill. Geof Manthorne is taken. To save a baby. Jose manwell reyes biography new lead, police reopen old murder case. Priest stripped of powers is missing.

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