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Music director shankar jaikishan biography 0

music director shankar jaikishan biography

Rajesh Roshan A. Besides his work at Prithvi theatre, he also started working as an assistant to the leading composer duo of Husnlal Bhagatram and nurtured the ambition of becomimg an independent music director. Shankar Jaikishan music, synonym of Indian Film music, has far reaching impact in India and outside. The duo moulded music and musical mood of masses since. Dec 25,  · A rare interview of Shankar Ji (Shankar Jaikishan) with Suresh Joshi of LBC Radio ~8. Interview with Music Director, Shankar Ji of the duo. If I called her at 2. music director shankar jaikishan biography

Jaikishan Family is based in Mumbai and his wife Pallavi Jaikishan and one Daughter Bhairavi Jaikishan are dress designer for repute.

JaiKishan hails from Panchal, Gujarat. Jaikishan strangely enough was a carpenter before the duo met and paired up.

music director shankar jaikishan biography

In the beginning of their career they assisted the then-famous Husnlaal-Bhagatraam. Jaikishan died in due to cirrhosis of livera disease caused by excessive consumption of alcohol. Login with Login with Facebook.

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music director shankar jaikishan biography

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